Labh Pancham 2022 Date in Gujarat Puja Timings Tithi Panchang

See below for Labh Pancham 2022 Date in Gujarat Puja Timings Tithi Panchang, Labh Pancham Festival 2022 celebrations Date and Muhurth Puja Timings Tithi here.

Labh Panchami, also called Labh Pancham, is the last day of the Diwali holiday. On the traditional Gujarati calendar, it is celebrated on Panchami, the fifth day of the Shukla Paksha (when the moon is getting bigger) in the month of Kartik.

This day is also called Saubhagya Panchami, Gyaan Panchami, and Laakheni Panchami. It is a big deal in the state of Gujarat, where it is celebrated with a lot of energy and joy. On this day, prayers for health and wealth are said to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi.

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Labh Pancham 2022 Date in Gujarat Puja Timings Tithi Panchang

  • Labh Panchami 2022 will be on Saturday, October 29.
  • Labh Panchami tithi is from 8:13 am on October 29 to 5:50 am on October 30.

Labh Panchami is thought to be a good day to start a new business, so most shops and businesses open on this day after the Diwali celebrations. This day is also the first day of the Gujarati New Year, which starts on the next day.

Meaning of Labh Panchami Festival: 

Labh Panchami is related to Diwali, the well-known Hindu Festival of Lights. The word “Labh” means “benefit,” and the word “Saubhagya” means “good luck.” So, people believe that this day will bring them luck and good fortune.

Hindu devotees, especially in the state of Gujarat, believe that doing puja on this day will bring them wealth, profit, and good luck in their personal and professional lives. Labh Panchami is also the first working day of the New Year in the state of Gujarat. On this day, businesspeople open new account ledgers, called “Khatu.” They do this by writing “Shubh” on the left and “Labh” on the right and drawing a “Sathiya” in the middle of the page. People think that starting a new business on this day will be very profitable.

Rituals for Labh Panchami: 

On Labh Panchami, people who didn’t do Sharda Pujan on Diwali do it then.

  • Today, people in the business world open their stores and do puja on their new account books.
  • On this day, business people also pray to Goddess Lakshmi for her blessings.
  • People go to their friends and family members’ homes. There is also a tradition of giving each other sweets to show how their relationships have “sweetened.”
  • On the day of Labh Panchami, some people also worship their books to help them become wiser and learn more.
  • On Labh Panchami, one must also give the poor and needy food, clothes, money, or other important things.

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