Kartik Snan 2022 Dates and Time Pooja Procedure

See below for Kartik Snan 2022 Dates and Time Pooja Procedure, Karthika Snanam Procedure, Pooja Rituals, Karthika Vana Bhojanam, and  Snanam Information.

Kartik Snan 2022 Dates and Time Pooja Procedure

In the Hindu lunar calendar, the full moon falls in the month of Kartik, and on that day, devotees perform a ritual called Kartik Snan (popularly known as Kartik Purnima). This date occurs between the months of October and November if you use the Gregorian calendar. It is widely held that good fortune will shine over you this Kartik, the eighth lunar month of the Hindu calendar. Several Hindu scriptures make reference to the sacredness of this month.

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Kartik Snan 2022 Dates: In 2022, Kartik Snan will begin on Sunday, October 9, and end on Tuesday, November 8.

Legend behind Kartik Snan:

On this day, Lord Shiva slew the demon Tripurasur, making the world safe for humans, as told in Hindu mythology. According to Ayurvedic research, the last eight days of the Hindu calendar month Kartik and the first eight days of the month that follows Kartik, known as ‘Margashirsha,’ are characterized by powerful energy associated with death. Light meals, religious observances, and bathing in ponds or other bodies of water are all recommended. The benefits to your body and soul from carrying out these actions are immense. Kartik Snan’s scientific importance has been demonstrated in recent works as well. Taking a bath at this time in the morning releases toxins and rejuvenates the body.

Rituals done during Kartik Snan 2022:

  • The most significant ritual performed on Kartik Snan is a dip in one of the holy rivers or bodies of water. To observe the ritualistic cleansing, believers rise before dawn on this day. This holy ritual of bathing is shared by both sexes.
  • Many Hindus believe that during Kartik Purnima, a dip in the Ganga River at Prayag or the ‘Badarikashrama’ in the Himalayas is necessary for salvation. If you can’t take a dip in the Ganga, you should at least visit a nearby body of water.
  • To show their devotion to Vishnu, some followers choose to fast on this day. In addition to fasting, the vrat observer must also provide food for a Brahmin.
  • Some devotees also honor Ganga Mata, Goddess of the Holy Rivers, on the day of Kartik Snan, with Lord Satyanarayan, the Supreme Preserver.
  • During the puja, the havan is also carried out. Shiva, Sambhuti, Santati, Preeti, Kshama, and Anusuya are only few of the ‘Kritikas’ venerated after dark. Afterward, a Brahmin receives a donation of a buffalo as thanks for his assistance in the puja.
  • After death, those who have performed the whole puja procedure are said to have arrived in the heavenly realm of Shivalok.


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