Tamil Aadi Krithigai 2023 Date Time Puja Muhurtham

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The Adi Krithika is an important festival of Lord Subrahmanya Swamy, which is grandly celebrated in Tamil Nadu and Telugu States. Aadi Masam is the month of the Tamil Calendar, which is very auspicious. This Aadi Krithika festival is popularly known as Aadi Krithigai Festival in Tamil. Krithigai or Krithika is the Nakshatra (Star Name) which is dedicated to the Lord Muruga. Doing Subrahmanya Swamy pooja on this day will get very good results in life. Let’s see below for the details about Tamil Aadi Krithigai 2023 Date Time Puja Muhurtham and info.

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Tamil Aadi Krithigai 2023 Date Time Puja Muhurtham:

This is a very important part of the rich religious and cultural customs of India. This colorful holiday is mostly held in the southern parts of India. It honors the Hindu gods, especially Devi Krittika, one of Kartikeya’s six celestial moms. The event happens during the happy Krithika nakshatra, which usually happens in the Tamil month of Adi (July or August). Adi Krithika has deep roots in history, mythology, and spirituality. It has a special place in the lives of followers and brings people together through their shared culture.

The Adi Krithika event has its roots in Hindu legend from a long time ago. The story is about how he was born. People think that the six Krittika stars took care of and raised Kartikeya when he was a baby. This gave them the respected title of “celestial mothers.” As a thank-you, Lord Murugan said that he would give his heavenly gifts to followers on the day of Krithika nakshatra in the Tamil month of Adi.

Adi Krithika is mostly celebrated as a time to honor the divine feminine spirit with reverence. It is a time to honor and thank the heavenly mothers who were very important to Lord Murugan’s upbringing. The event serves as a reminder of how much moms love and care for their children.

Adi Krithika is very important to followers on a spiritual level. They think that honoring the six heavenly mothers during this holiday can help get rid of bad things, clean the mind, and help spiritual growth. People think that the holy energy of the gods will protect and guide them on their spiritual journey. See below for the Tamil Aadi Krithigai 2023 Date Time Puja Muhurtham in detail.

Celebration Procedure of Aadi Krithigai Festival:

This year, the Aadi Krithigai festival falls on 09th August 2023 Wednesday. Pooja timings are between 09 AM to 11 AM

  • On this day, devotees who worship Lord Murugan get up early and take a special bath before going to the temple that is dedicated to him.
  • Chant the name of Sri Subrahmanya Swamy in the temple and House
  • Devotees do the pooja of Kavadi (A special cloth bag that is connected to a Long Stick) which is the offering to lord Muruga at home and start to the temple.
  • Offer the Prasadam to Lord Muruga before start to the temple.
  • After the darshan of Lord Subrahmanya Swamy, handover the kavadi (Offering item which is carried from home) to the priest in the temple.
  • Do bhajan or chanting of Lord Muruga in the temple.
  • Have the Prasadam with Family, Friends and seek the blessing from Lord Muruga.

Tamil Aadi Krithigai 2023 Date Time Puja Muhurtham:

Adi Krithika is a festival that is declared a government holiday in Tamil Nadu. This festival is a grand celebration of southern India’s rich culture and history. This festival brings people from families together and makes them feel like they are happy.

The Aadi Krithika celebrations yield many aspects of cultural activities. It gives artists and people from different cultures a chance to show what they can do. During this Adi Krithika festival, there are dance and music shows of traditional styles like Bharatanatyam, Kathakali, and Carnatic music in all Festivals.

In this Festival, Kanda Deepam (The Special Lights Lighting to Lord Muruga) is one of the important things that make devotees. People put lights in the rows and make lighting them in the evening. You can see many rows of lights on the temple walls and the steps of the pond.

Also, Adi Krithika is a holiday that honors the ties between family members. Families and friends get together, cook traditional foods, and eat together. It’s a time when families get together and have a good time.

In the end, the Adi Krithika event is an important part of southern India’s religious and cultural life. It’s important in terms of history, religion, and culture, and people can go there to pay their respects.

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