Murugan Temple Siruvapuri Accommodation Details Rooms Booking Online

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Siruvapuri Murugan Temple, A famous Lord Subrahmanya Swamy Temple in Tamil Nadu is very near to the Capital City of Chennai. This temple has a very old history. Many Kings like Chola Dynasty, and Pallava Dynasty worshipped Lord Murugan in this Temple. This temple is located in the district of Thiruvallur in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is a state of great Indian Heritage and Culture, Also, famous for Lord Murugan Temples.

Sri Subrahmanya Swamy is the Hindu god whom devotees worship as the God of war and success. Lord Subrahmanya is the adi devatha to Kuja Graha(Mars). Doing pooja or worship to Lord Murugan will give them good health and prosperity. People who have kuja dosham, sarpa dosham, angaraka dosham, and kalasarpa dosham must worship and pray to Lord Murugan to get ruin from all the dosha. Devotees from all over Tamil Nadu and India, come to this temple to pray to Lord Subrahmanya every day.

People who want to visit the Siruvapuri Murugan Temple must plan the proper accommodation to stay. The temple’s management provides the accommodation facility to the pilgrims who are attending this temple to worship Lord Murugan here. Let’s see below for the Murugan Temple Siruvapuri Accommodation Details Rooms Booking Online in Detail.

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Murugan Temple Siruvapuri Accommodation Details Rooms Booking Online And History:

Siruvapuri Murugan temple has a different variety of rooms, for those who are planning to visit the Temple. There are common dormitories, single rooms, double rooms, and special VIP stay rooms here. The dormitories are big rooms with lots of common beds where people can stay on an hourly basis and get a refresh.

Single rooms and Double rooms are great for couples or small sets of people around 05 to 06 people of the group to stay. The Special VIP stay rooms are not provided to common devotees, this could be for the Special Guests or VIP people. This rooms could be Large and facilitated with all amenities.

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Murugan Temple Siruvapuri Accommodation Details Rooms Booking Online Process:

  • Visit Siruvapuri Murugan temple’s official website.
  • If Accommodation is not available online, call the temple office and make a reservation.
  • The temple office authorities will give you the information about how to book the room as advance reservation.
  • The Temple management allows the rooms on a “first-come, first-served” basis.
  • In Holidays and Festival Days, crowds will be huge in the Temple. So, Better to make a plan to book the Room or Accommodation a month before.
  • At the time of booking, Devotees must provide personal information like name, contact number, Address, and Identification proof (Aadhar).
  • Also, Make sure to take the Printout of the Ticket along with ID proof
  • Once the reservation is confirmed, you will get a confirmation message from the temple.

The Rooms prices at Siruvapuri Murugan Temple would be very comfortable and budget-friendly. The Prices vary from type to type and the extra beds will be provided on a paid basis (If available Not Sure). The dormitory is very low cost-wise and suggested for hourly basis choice only.

It’s important to know that the devotees must follow the temple rules and guidelines at the accommodation. Devotees are not supposed to break or argue with temple authorities and staff. Also in the Siruvapuri Murugan Temple accommodation, devotees must follow strict food. In the Temple, Annadanam and Prasadam will be provided for devotees. The area around the temple is beautiful, with lots of trees and a calm feel. It’s a peaceful place to get away from the noise and chaos of the city, giving people a quiet place to meet with God.

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