Mysore Chamundeswari Devi Temple Thulabara Seva Online Booking

See below for Mysore Chamundeswari Devi Temple Thulabara Seva Online Booking, and Mysore Temple Thulabara Booking details.

Chamundeswari Temple in Mysore:

Chamundeshwari temple, located at the top of Chamundi Hills, is one of Mysore’s most notable temples. This temple is roughly 1000 steps from the foot of the hill and is dedicated to the Goddess Chamundeshwari (Chamundi), the divinity of the Mysore Royal Family and Mysore itself. The goddess is seated atop a lion and uses her ‘Trishul’ to destroy the demon. This temple is still renowned as a significant temple in India, attracting not only believers but tourists from all over who come to witness its undeniable magnificence. It has outstanding architecture, and immense historical value, and is surrounded by nature’s peacefulness in the Chamundi hills.

Mysore Chamundeswari Devi Temple Thulabara Seva Online Booking

The ancient form of offering in Hinduism is called Tulabharam – the sacred act of offering an object equal in weight to the Deity, Guru, or God to whom you are offering. Flowers, bilva, tulsi, dates, bananas, literature, silver, and lastly gold are all acceptable offerings. Tulabharam is a heartfelt expression of appreciation for your prayers being fulfilled.

Timings for Mysore Chamundeswari temple Thulabara seva:

  • Fridays: 5.00 a.m. to 6.30 a.m.
  • Price: Rs. 101 for one person

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History of Thulabaram:

When Bhagawan Sri Krishna was in the flesh, gold Tulabharam was last offered to an Avatar. Satyabhama, Krishna’s richest and most beautiful queen, is said to have sought to prove how much she loved Krishna. She was envious of Rukmini, Krishna’s first wife, and Maha Lakshmi herself. Satyabhama organized a Gold Tulabharam to demonstrate her love – Krishna sat on one side of the scale, and she began pouring boxes and boxes of beautiful gems on the other. However, the scale did not budge.

She emptied everything she possessed, and all the other queens did the same. But nothing changed. They couldn’t compete with Krishna’s weight! Rukmini was summoned to rectify the situation. She took a sprig of Tulasi and placed it on the scales with tremendous love and respect. Thus, the scales were balanced. Following that, all diamonds were removed from the scales, leaving only the Tulasi – but the scales remained balanced. This story is moving because it makes us realize that the context in which we provide is more significant than any gold or gems offered. No one can clearly give anything to Guru, and no one can give anything to Paramashiva.


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