Atla Taddi 2022 Date and Time

Know the details about Atla Taddi 2022 Date and Time, Atla Taddi festival 2022 Date, Procedure, and Pooja Vidhanam. Lakshmi Pooja Vidhanam

Atla Taddi:

Atla Tadde, which is comparable to Karwa Chauth in North India, is celebrated by married women in Andhra Pradesh for the long life of their husbands. It occurs on the third night after the full moon in the Telugu month of Aswiyuja and falls in September or October in the Gregorian calendar.

Telugu ladies celebrate Atla Tadde by going without food or drink for a day. In the evening, women perform pooja and break their fast by eating little Atlu (mini dosas) while staring at the moon.

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Atla Taddi 2022 Date and Time

  • Wednesday, October 12, 2022, Atla Tadde
  • Timing of Atla Tadde: Moonrise on Atla Tadde Day = 7:30 PM
  • Thadiya Tithi = 1:28 AM on October 12, 2022
  • Thadiya Tithi expires at 1:58 AM on October 13, 2022.

The origins of Atla Taddi:

According to legend, Atla Taddi is a ceremony advised by Goddess Gauri for all young unmarried females to perform in order to obtain Her blessings for a suitable marriage. In ancient times, a princess from a huge kingdom attempted to please the Goddess by fasting for Atla Taddi but fainted from thirst and hunger. Her brothers decided to save her after seeing her condition and showed her a mirror with the reflection of a fire in it, resembling a full moon.

Many years later, when the princess was grown and a suitable match was sought for her, no young groom could be found. Finally, her brothers arranged for her to marry an elderly guy. Out of desperation and rage, the princess fled to the forest and began wailing under a banyan tree. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati appeared in front of her and explained that she was in this circumstance because she had not finished the Atla Taddi ritual properly. Following this experience, the princess returned to complete the festival procedures as advised, and she soon married a handsome, young man of her choice.

The following are some customs in Andhra Pradesh, India:

  • Women and children participate in this festival.
  • They put Gorintaku (henna) to their palms on the eve of this day.
  • Women and children get up early before daylight to eat suddi (rice cooked the day before) with perugu (curd) and Gongura chutney.
  • After having suddi, unmarried girls and children would sing Atla Tadde Song on the streets until the sun rises.
  • In the Uyyala (Swing (seat)), people swing.
  • After the daybreak, people gaze at the moon in a neighbouring pond or lake.
  • Pootarekulu (sweet made with rice flour, jaggery, and milk)
  • (5 for Gauri Devi) (for yourself and other muttayuduvu) 5 each, then on 4 kudumulu, arrange one on top of the 4 to construct a deepam, which you consume after your pooja while the deepam is still lit)
  • 11 mini dosas (for each)
  • Toranam for hand (with 11 knots for atla tadde and 5 knots for Undralla tadde) On this day, some people prepare atlu and retain them as a gift to Goddess Gowri, after which they are distributed to relatives and neighbours as vaayanam.
  • For each muttayduvu (these ladies/relatives fast alongside the person doing the pooja).
  • The ceremony comprises 11 ladies who have already taken this vayanam, and if your menatta (dad’s sister) has already taken this vayanam, the rites will proceed.
  • You give each of these 11 ladies an atlu with deepam (made of rice flour and ghee and lit in front of Goddess Gowri), and you present each lady the vayanam by holding your sarees palluor kongu.


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