Palani Murugan Temple Rope Car Timings Online Booking

See below for the Palani Murugan Temple Rope Car Timings Online Booking, Palani Temple Darshan Rope Car Online Booking Procedure, Cost, and other details here.

The Palani temple is one of the famous Lord Murugan temples in Tamil Nadu. Thousands of devotees visit the temple and have a darshan of Arulmigu Sri Dhandayuthapani swamy darshanam. Many festivals would be conducted in this temple the whole year. Monthly Kruthigai Nakshatram, Adi Kruthigai Nakshatram, and Karthika Masam are very crowdy and essential days in this temple.

The rope car facility is one of the best services to Sri Dhandayuthapani devotees from Temple authorities. After spending time in adoration of Lord Dhandayuthapani, the devotees of Palani were overjoyed to hear the news that the rope car would once again be open to the public so that they could take in the breathtaking scenery as they rode around the town.

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History of Palani Murugan Temple

The great saint Boga used a concoction of the Navapashanam, or nine herbs, to fashion an image of Lord Muruga. He performed the Pooja rituals, which is necessary to the Murugan Vigraham to be installed. The idol was broken and hid away in the woods after being worshipped for generations.

During his reign from 100 to 500 AD, Perumal, king of the Chera Dynasty, came to this forest to go hunting. He needed to relax, so he lay down at the base of the mountain. In his dream, Sri Dandayuthapani, the Hindu god Lord Subrahmanya Swamy (Muruga) visited him there. The dream’s message from God was clear: fix up the statue of the Temple’s deity. The king finally awoke and set out to find the idol. After locating the sacred object, he rebuilt the Temple and resumed worship.

Palani Murugan Temple Rope Car Timings Online Booking

  • Palani Temple Darshan Timings: 07 AM to 01:30 PM and 02:30 PM to 09 PM
  • Darshan Ticket cost:
  • Normal Darshan: Free
  • Special Darshan: Rs.15 per person
  • Very Special Darshan: Rs.50 per person
  • Average Darshan Duration: Less than 15 Mins

Story Behind the Palani Murugan Hill

Another legend has it that all the gods and saints once met atop Mount Kailash, the abode of Shiva. The planet gradually tilted to one side as a result. To remedy this situation, the saint Agasthiya dispatched a demon by the name of Ettumba to relocate the two Hills to the southern part of the island. This demon then proceeded to South India while carrying these two hills across his shoulders. Tired, the Demon stashed those Hills away in the South and took a nap. He tried lifting one of the hills with his hands after a while, but he was unsuccessful. Suddenly, he noticed a man stationed on the Hill, blocking his path. The devil then launched an attack on the boy, but he managed to avoid harm. Agasthiya, a saint, realised at that moment that the boy was Lord Murugan and begged God to forgive the demon. Lord Murugan then ordered the demon to stop lingering on the Hill. Because of this, the devil abandoned the hill at the current location of Palani and relocated it to Swamimalai.


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