Pongal 2023 Date and Time Tamil Calendar Festival Mantram

See below for Pongal 2023 Date and Time Tamil calendar Festival Mantram, Pongal festival celebration process, and Panchangam Timings here.

Pongal Festival is one of the most important festivals celebrated in the state of Tamilnadu. Pongal festival is also known as the Harvest festival. God Sun is mainly honored in the celebrations of the Pongal festival as the blessings of God Sun lead to a nice yield in crop harvesting. According to Georgian Calendar, Pongal is the first festival celebrated in that particular year.

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Pongal 2023 Date and Time Tamil calendar Festival Mantram

Three days of the Pongal festival start on

Bhogi Pongal – January 13

Surya Pongal – January 14

Mattu Pongal – January 15

Normally on Pongal day, Kula devatha Pooja will be done at houses. In Tamil Nadu, Murugan, Siva Perumal, Ammbal, and Pullayair Swamy are the most worshiped gods in the form of Kula Devathar. Doing pooja in Shodashopachara for those devathar in homes and offering Pongal as Naovedhayam gives good results for an entire year.

Pongal is another name for the Makara Sankranthi festival which is celebrated all over India. The Pongal festival celebrated in Tamilnadu mainly derives its name from the special sweet prepared on the day of the festival and is offered to the God Sun as Naivedhyam. The Pongal festival is celebrated for three days similar to the Makara Sankranthi festival. As the Pongal festival is celebrated in the main harvesting month January, Some part of the first crop that is harvested is offered to God and after completion of pooja rituals that part of the crop or food item is given to the poor. People share all the food items and special dishes that are prepared in their houses with their neighbors and friends.

During the festival of Pongal people decorate their houses with colorful rangolis and also with colorful flowers. Flying kites is the special attraction in the Pongal festival. In the state of Tamilnadu, there is a ritual of performing the Jallikattu event at the Pongal festival. Pongal festival is a three days festival that is celebrated in a very grand manner and also enjoyed by all people irrespective of their age groups.

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