2023 Kanuma Festival Date and Timings in Telugu Panchangam

See below for the 2023 Kanuma Festival Date and Timings in Telugu Panchangam, Kanuma Celebrations, Gopuja Celebration, and Kanuma Pongal Celebration here.

Kanuma festival is the last day of the Makara Sankranthi festival in three days. Kanuma is celebrated mainly in the Telugu states and some parts of the Northern states. During the Makara Sankranthi festival, the first day is celebrated as Bhogi and is also starting day of the Makara Sankranthi festival. On this day holy fire is kept before every house and this fire is prepared by discarding all the old and unwanted things from the house. Big Rangolis are designed before every house and the Sankranthi festival is also called as festival of Rangolis and also the Festival of Kites.

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2023 Kanuma Festival Date and Timings in Telugu Panchangam

2023 Kanuma Festival Date: Monday, January 16, 2023.

Kanuma is celebrated on the third of the Makara Sankranthi festival. In some Northern areas Bhogi, Makara Sankranthi, and Kanuma are celebrated on a single day. But in Telugu states, these 3 festivals are celebrated on 3 different days. Kanuma is the third day and is mostly celebrated in the Telugu states. Mostly Kanuma festival is related to cattle and people enjoy the Makara Sankranthi festival according to their rituals.

The second day of the Makara Sankranthi is celebrated as the main festival and people celebrate this festival happily according to the traditions and rituals followed in their regions. Makara Sankranthi is the most enjoyable festival celebrated almost all over the country. Makara Sankranthi festival is also known as the Festival of Kites. There is a tradition of flying kites during the Makara Sankranthi festival. People irrespective of their age groups participate in flying the kites and enjoy the festival.

In some areas, people follow the ritual of giving Tila Tarpanam to their ancestors. There is a belief that by giving Tila Tarpanam to the ancestors of our family one can seek the blessings of ancestors and Pitru devatas.



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