Pooja list & procedure of Palani temple

Pooja list & procedure of Palani temple

According to Sthala Purana, Lord Siva and Goddess Parvati were sitting on Mount Kailasa. One day Narada came and gifted Lord Siva and Goddess a celestial fruit. Lord Ganapathy and Murugan demanded the entire fruit for each of them. Lord Siva then announced a competition that they should go round the world and reaches Lord Siva and Goddess Parvati first will get the fruit.  Lord Murugan goes on his vahanam Peacock around the world, while Lord Ganapathy makes pradakshinas to his parents. Murugan comes later and knows Lord Ganapathy won the competition and got the fruit. Murugan gets disappoints and stands on a hill. Lord Siva and Goddess Parvati comes and pacifies Murugan saying to him “Muruga, you are a divine fruit yourself and why do you need a fruit”. That place is called Palani as Muruga was called as Palam Nee, which means you are a divine fruit in Tamil. Pooja list & procedure of Palani temple is explained in this article.

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Pooja List in Palani temple:

S.No Pooja Time
1 Vishwaruba Darsanam 5:40 AM
2 Vila Pooja 6:50 AM
3 Sirukala Shanthi Pooja 8:00 AM
4 Kala Shanthi Pooja 9:00 AM
5 Uchi Kaala Pooja (Noon) 12:00 PM
6 Sayaraksha Pooja (Evening) 5:30 PM
7 Rakaala Pooja (Subject to changes) 8:00 PM


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S.No Pooja Normal Days Timings Normal Days Cost Special Days Timings Special  Days Cost
1 Free Entrance 6:00 AM – 7:30 PM 4:00 AM – Midnight
2 Special Entrance 6:00 AM Onwards RS.10/- 4:00 AM Onwards RS.20/-
3 Separate Special Entrance 6:00 AM Onwards RS.100/- 4:00 AM Onwards RS.200/-
4 Vishwaruba Darsanam 5:40 AM RS.100/- 4:00 AM RS.200/-
5 Vila Pooja 6:50 AM RS.150/- 4:30 AM RS.300/-
6 Sirukalasanthi 8:00 AM RS.150/- 8:00 AM RS.300/-
7 Kalasanthi 9:00 AM RS.150/- 9:00 AM RS.300/-
8 Uchikalam 12:00 PM RS.150/- 12:00 PM RS.300/-
9 Sayaratchai (Raja Alamkaram) 5:30 PM RS.150/- 5:30 PM RS.300/-
10 Rakkalam 8:00 PM RS.150/- RS.300/-
11 Milk Abhishekam 7:30 AM RS.25/- 4:30 PM RS.25/-
12 Pancjamrutha Abhishekam 7:30 AM RS.25/- 4:30 PM RS.25/-
13 Astothiram Archanai 7:30 AM RS.5/- 7:30 PM RS.5/-
14 Shagashranamam at Thiruavinankudi 7:30 AM RS.10/- 7:30 PM RS.10/-
15 Bhogar Astothiram 7:30 AM RS.0.5/- 7:30 PM RS.0.5/-
16 Thirthakavadi 7:30 AM RS.20/- 7:30 PM RS.20/-
17 Thookukavadi RS.20/- RS.20/-
18 Kadhu Kuthu including Goldsmith (Ear boring) RS.2/- RS.2/-
19 Palliarai theepandham (per head) 8:30 PM RS.100/- RS.100/-
20 Palliarai Vensamaram (Per head) 8:30 PM RS.50/- RS.50/-
21 All Abhishekams RS.75/- RS.75/-
22 Thanga Radham swamy purapadu (The Golden Chariot) 7:00 PM RS.2000/- 7:00 PM RS.2000/-
23 Thangamayil vaganathil swamy purapadu (The golden peacock) 6:30 PM RS.2000/- 6:30 PM RS.2000/-
24 Puthu Kanaku (only 3 Books) RS.200/- RS.200/-
25 Panchamrutha Abhisekam RS.25/- RS.25/-
26 Thulabaram RS.50/-  
27 Electrical Winch ordinary Adults Up trip RS.10/- Adults Up trip RS.10/-
Children Up trip RS.5/- Children Up trip RS.5/-
Adults down trip RS.10/- Adults down trip RS.10/-
Children down trip RS.5/- Children down trip RS.5/-
28 Electrical Winch Special Adults Up trip RS.50/- Adults Up trip RS.50/-
Children Up trip RS.25/- Children Up trip RS.25/-
Adults down trip RS.50/- Adults down trip RS.50/-
Children down trip RS.25/- Children down trip RS.25/-
29 Amuthu giving fees (receive half kg panchamrutham as gift) RS.75/- RS.75/-
30 Rope Car (One way fee) RS.15/- RS.15/-



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