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Many centuries have passed since Puri Jagannath’s founding. Copper plates unearthed in the Puri Jagannath Temple belonged to the Ganga Dynasty, which was ruled by Anantavarman Cholaganga Dev of Kalinga at the time. The Puri Jagannath temple was constructed in its current shape by King Ananga Bhima Deva in 1174 CE.

Legend behind Puri Jagannath Temple:

According to legend, Malwa’s King Indradyumna had a dream that Lord Vishnu’s full form might be seen at Utkala (ancient name of Orissa). He assigned Vidyapati the task of searching for this paperwork. Vidyapati encountered a tribal village, learned about the Nila Madhava’s devotion, and married the daughter of the tribe’s leader. Tribal members led him to the location where the Nila Madhava was located.

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Vidyapati told the king about the location of devotion, but when the king got there on his own, Nila Madhava had vanished. Lord Vishnu, moved by compassion, sent him a heavenly message instructing him to go to the beaches of Puri and fashion the figure of Lord Jagannath from a log of wood floating in the ocean.

Lord Vishnu arrived as a carpenter and wanted to be left alone for 21 days in a chamber so he could create the picture. However, at the demand of the Queen, the chamber was opened early, and just the incomplete pictures of the three gods and the Sudarsana Chakra were there.

Importance of puri jagannath temple:

In the past, the Puri Jagannath temple was famous because it was important to Vaishnavism (followers of Vishnu), Shaktism (followers of Bhadra Kali), and Saivism (followers of Shiva) (devotees of Shiva). Lord Jagannath stands for Lord Vishnu, Lord Balabhadra for Lord Shiva, and Goddess Durga for Lord Subhadra.

Puri Jagannath Temple Darshan Tickets Online Booking

The entrance to the temple is free. However, if you desire to schedule a special puja, you may do so directly at the temple’s ticket desk.

Jagannath temple darshan timings are between 5:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., during which all devotees can receive free darshan. Biju Patnaik International Airport is around 60 kilometres from the temple, making it the closest airport. The Puri Railway Station, located 3 kilometres from the shrine, is the nearest station.


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