Ratha Saptami 2023 Date and Timings

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On the Saptami day of the Shukla Paksha of the Magha month, the Ratha Saptami festival is held. This day is devoted to Surya Dev in every way. The Sun God was also born on Ratha Saptami, so the day is also known as Surya Jayanti or the Sun God’s birthday. Rishi Kashyap is Surya Dev’s father, and Aditi is his mother. On the day of Surya Saptami, Sage Kashyap and his wife Aditi were accepted as sons of Surya, so this day is also called Surya Jayanti. It is a symbol of the sun god, whose chariot is pulled by seven horses toward the northeast and the northern hemisphere. The Sun God’s chariot has seven horses that stand for the seven colors of the rainbow. People also say that the seven horses stand for the seven days of the week, beginning with Sunday. People think of Sunday as the day of Sun God.

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Ratha Saptami 2023 Date and Timings Pooja Procedure

  • Saturday, 28 January 2023
  • Saptami Starts on Jan. 27, 2023, 9:10 a.m.
  • Saptami Ends on 28 January 2023 at 08:43 A.M.

Ratha Saptami – Sunworshipping:

On the day of Surya Saptami, Ganges water is given to the Sun God in the form of Arghya. Use lamps, camphor, incense, red flowers, etc. to honor the Sun God.

When you praise, you should face the sun. It doesn’t make you sick or give you skin diseases, etc. Both ancient astrology and modern science put a lot of weight on the sun. People believe that the Sun gives life to all plants and animals. On this day, you should read from the Surya Purana. People think that Arun, who can’t move, is the one who drives the sun’s chariot. When they are born, children can’t talk or move. Lord Surya’s light gets rid of these flaws.

Hinduism’s Vedas also talk about how important it is to worship the Sun God. Ancient myths from China, Egypt, and Mesopotamia also talk about how important it is to worship the Sun God.

What Surya Saptami means in India?

Surya marks the change from Saptami to spring and the start of harvest time. Most Indian farmers see this as a good way to start the new year. All Hindus in India celebrate this holiday at home and in the many Surya temples all over the country.

Ratha Saptami Story (Katha):

A story is told by Yashovarma, who was the king of the Kamboja kingdom. He was a great king, but he didn’t have any children to take over his rule. He asked God for a son, and God gave him one. The king’s promise was not over yet, because his son was very sick. A holy man went to the king and told him that his son should show respect to Ratha Saptami and Surya Saptami to get rid of his past sins. Once he did this, the king’s son got better and was able to run his kingdom well.


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