Sarpavaram Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple Timings

Sarpavaram Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple Timings darshan details

The Sarpavaram Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple is a very famous temple which is located in rural Kakinada. This temple was built in the ancient period, and it is 500 years old. The Sarpavaram Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple is a historical place for the pilgrims. The temple is built very beautifully with art. As per the name indicates that the Sarpa means serpent and Varam means boon. Check below for Sarpavaram Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple Timings darshan details.

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 The Sarpavaram Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple was controlled and maintained by the ancient legends. The Daksha Prajapati has a daughter called Kadru, and she got married to the Sage Kasyapa there are many wives to the Sage Kashyap among them the Vinata is popularly known to the people. Many of the pilgrims like to visit the temple. The pilgrims believe in the Lord Vishnu and get blessings from the Lord Vishnu.

The Narada once when he was in Satya Loka that he told that the Brahma will not fell in the Vishnu Maya when he visits the earth he saw a beautiful lake and decided to take bath in the lake when he completes the three dips in the lake he has forgotten the past and turned into the young lady. The Nikunta King has gone hunting, when he went he saw the young lady and took her into his place. The young lady could not remember the past, and he fell in love and married her. And there were 60 children.

The Sarpavaram Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple has all types of transport facilities to the temple; the pilgrims can reach the temple by using roadways, railways, and airways. Traveling is based on the pilgrim’s comfort and the cost of traveling. If you want to travel by bus, there is a direct bus from Kakinada. If we need to travel by train, the nearest railway station is Kakinada which is 7 km far from the station. There are two airports near the temple, that is Rajahmundry and Visakhapatnam.

Sarpavaram Bhavanarayana Swamy Temple Timings:- 

The temple opens in the morning from 6 AM to 11 AM and in the evening from 5 PM to 8 PM. This time continues to all the days in the weekend for the Darshan.


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