Significance and Importance of Annaprasanam

Significance and Importance of Annaprasanam – Online booking

first time and is considered one of the important sanskar for every Hindu all around the world.  From the day of Annaprasanam, the child will be fed solid food. Scroll down to view the Significance & Importance of Annaprasanam.  Food has a very important role in our lives. It nourishes the body and gives strength. Annaprasanam respects the importance of food and the beginning of food consumption in one’s life. Generally, the Annaprasanam ceremony is conducted when the male child is six or eight months old and for the girl child at 5 or 7 months old. check below for the Significance and Importance of Annaprasanam

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Procedure of Annaprasanam:

  • The ceremony should be done by the time the child is one year old.
  • The child will get ahead bath and get new clothes worn by his mother.
  • The grandmother or mother of the child prepares rice items like kheer.
  • It is first offered to the gods and then fed to the child by the grandfather or uncle of the kid.
  • A lot of articles are placed in front of the baby such as pen, money, jewels, clay, etc, the baby gets symbolized by the article he or she touches.

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