Significance, Importance & Procedure of Dhanvantari Homam

Significance, Importance & Procedure of Dhanvantari Homam

Lord Dhanvantari is considered as the Chief physician of all Gods. Lord Dhanvantari emerged during the churning of the ocean of milk or Ksheera sagara madanam by demons and gods. Dhanvantari Homam is performed to cure any illness in the body. Lord Dhanvantari holds the Sudharshana Chakram in the right hand and Panchajanya in the left hand, while the other two hands hold a pot of nectar and Ayurveda book. Lord Dhanvantari is said to be the God of Ayurveda in Puranas. Dhanvantari homam is performed on the Dhanvantari Trayodashi which is celebrated 2 days before Deepavali. The significance, Importance & Procedure of Dhanvantari Homam is explained in this article. Dhanvantari Homam is to be done by an experienced priest.

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Benefits of Dhanvantari Homam:

  • One can get relief from any sort of chronic disease by performing Dhanvntari Homam.
  • Dhanvantari Homam is highly suggested for people having frequent health issues and very severe fatal medical conditions.

Procedure of Dhanvantari Homam:

  • Wake up early in the morning in the Brahma Muhurtham and do a head bath.
  • Clean the house and Pooja area thoroughly and decorate the house with thoranams and flowers.
  • Prepare a kalasam with water and keep a coconut on top of the kalasam.
  • Perform shodashopachara to Lord Dhanvantari.
  • Keep naivedhyam to the god.
  • Start the homam and use 108 different types of medicinal herbs during the homam. When these medicinal herbs are burnt, they release vapours with medicinal properties in to the air.
  • Keep chanting Dhanvantari Pooja mantras during homam.
  • After homam, distribute the prasadam to devotees.


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