Significance of Lakshmi Ganapati Pooja

Significance of Lakshmi Ganapati Pooja

Lord Lakshmi Ganapati is the 12th of 32 forms of Lord Ganapati. Lord Ganapati is the son of Lord Siva and Goddess Parvati. Lakshmi Ganapati Swamy is responsible for blessing wealth and wisdom. This pooja is performed on the occasion of starting a new business, job, house warming. Lord Ganapati is the remover of obstacles in life and brings success. Ganapati pooja will be done before any pooja so as not to face any obstacles until pooja finishes. In this form, Lord Lakshmi Ganapati has his wives Siddhi and Buddhi seated on his thighs and both of them holding white flowers in their hands. The lord is white in color and has eight hands. The eight hands hold a sword, an elephant Ankusha, a kamandala, a noose, a pomegranate, a green parrot, and a sprig of Kalpa vriksham. The significance of Lakshmi Ganapati Pooja is explained in this article.


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Lakshmi Ganapati Mantra:

Bibhraana shukrabeeja poorakmilanmaanikya kumbhaamshukaan

Paasham kalpalathaam cha khadgavilasath jyothihisudhanirjjaraha

Shyaamenaatra saroruhenasahitam devidhvuyam chaanthike

Gouraangora vanaadahasthinihitho lakshmee ganesheavataath

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Benefits of Lakshmi Ganapati pooja:

  •         Lakshmi Ganapati pooja removes all kinds of problems and obstacles in businesses, professional, home, career, etc.
  •         For enhancing knowledge, wisdom, courage in any new areas of life like a business, career.
  •         For peace and happiness in life.
  •         For attaining high financial status in life.
  •         This pooja is a powerful remedy for those who are passing through Ketu maha Dasha as per their horoscope.

Lakshmi Ganapati Stotram in Telugu

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