Tiruchendur Soorasamharam 2022 Dates and Pooja Timings

See below for Tiruchendur Soorasamharam 2022 Dates and Pooja Timings, Soorasamharam Tiruchendur 2022 Dates Skanda Sashti Festival Dates here.

Soorasamharam at Tiruchendur Temple:

Soorasamharam, also known as Sooranporu, is an important Hindu festival observed in Tamil Nadu. Additionally, festivities and celebrations are celebrated in Sri Lanka and the Palakkad area of the Indian state of Kerala. This festival commemorates Lord Murugan’s killing of the demon Soorapadam and is a component of Skanda Shasthi Vratham. On the occasion of Soorasamharam, a large number of devotees visit Lord Murugan’s temple each year to seek his blessings. This article provides comprehensive information regarding Soorasamharam 2022, including its significance and celebrations.

Soorasamharam is part of the six-day Kanda Shasthi or Skanda Shasthi celebration. Numerous devotees practice a six-day fast that begins on the first day of the Karthika month and concludes on the sixth day, known as Soorasamharam. It is said that Lord Murugan destroyed the demon Soorapadam on Soorasamharam, the final and most significant day of the six-day celebration. Every year, the festival of Soorasamharam is celebrated with a tremendous devotion to commemorate the triumph of good over evil.

Remember that the Soorasamharam Vratam is performed on the day when Shasti Tithi and Panjami Tithi coincide. As Shasti Tithi begins before sundown on Panjami Tithi, the majority of temples perform Kanda Sashti on Panjami Tithi.

Kanda Sashti at the Thiruchendur Murugan Temple is the most well-known. The six days of celebrations that begin on Pirathamai of Karthika Masam conclude on Soorasamharam day. The day following Soorasamharam is Thiru Kalyanam.

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Tiruchendur Soorasamharam 2022 Dates and Pooja Timings

  • Suramsamharam or Kanda Shashti will be observed on Sunday, October 30th, 2022.
  • Shasti Tithi begins at 5:49 AM on 30 October 2022 and finishes at 3:27 AM on 31 October 2022.
Date Soorasamharam 2022 Schedule
1.30 A.M Vishwaroopa Darshanam
2:00:00 A.M Udayamarthanda Abhishekam
6:00:00 A.M Yaga Salai Pujai
10:00:00 A.M Uchi Kaala Abhishekam to Moolavar
Abishekam to Sri Jayanthinathar
Uchikaala Deeparadhana to Moolavar, Jayanthinathar
3:00:00 P.M Saayaratchai Deeparadhana
Deeparadhana, Abishekam
4.15 P.M Sree Jayanthinathar Kadarkarai Eluntharulal
5.30 P.M Soorasamharam
Chaya Abishekam

Rituals during Soorasamharam:

  • The fasting associated with the Skanda Sashti celebration continues till the day of Soorasamharam. This vrat restricts participants to one meal per day. The day following the end of the fast is known as “Thirukalyanam.”
  • Lord Murugan temples hold special ceremonies on this day. People travel from all over to witness the “Abhishekam” of their god, which is followed by the “Shringar darshan.”
  • In some locations, such as Palani, enormous statues of Lord Murugan are removed from the temple and paraded throughout the city.
  • On the day of Soorasamharam, the Tiruchendur Murugan Temple reenacts the triumph of Lord Murugan against Surapadma. This ceremony attracts thousands of devotees from Tamil Nadu and the surrounding areas.


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