Significance of Masa Sivaratri

Significance of Masa Sivaratri

Lord Shiva is one of the thrimurthulu or three main deities of Hinduism. Lord Shiva is known as Adi guru, which means the highest teacher. It is believed that one should not start any new work on masa Shivaratri. Maha Shivaratri is the biggest festival for Lord Siva. Maha Shivaratri is celebrated all over India among Hindus. The Significance of Masa Sivaratri is explained in this article in detail.

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As per the Hindu calendar, Chathurdashi tithi during Krishna paksha of every month is called Masa Siva Ratri. Masa sivaratri in Magha masam is also called as Maha siva ratri on 11-03-2021. Siva Ratri is celebrated not only in India but also in Nepal. In 2021, Maha Shivaratri is celebrated on 11th March. Shiva Ratri pooja is performed on Siva temples during maha Siva Ratri. Shiva Ratri is celebrated for one day and one night. Doing Siva Ratri vratam on maha Siva Ratri is equivalent and more powerful than aswamedha yagam. Maha Shivaratri is considered an auspicious day for Lord Shiva and Parvati Devi. Maha Shivaratri is celebrated either three days or ten days. Masa sivaratri in Magha masam is called Maha sivaratri i.e. on 11-03-2021.

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According to Puranas, Lord Shiva appeared in the form of Siva linga at midnight of Maha Shivaratri.

According to Shiva Purana, performing abhishekam of ShivaLinga with six different dravyas or liquids such as milk, yogurt, honey, ghee, sugar, and water while chanting Sri Rudram, Chamakam, and Dasa Shanthi please Lord Siva the most.

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