Skanda Shasti Vratham 2023 Dates Subrahmanya Pooja

Know the details about Skanda Shasti Vratham 2023 Dates Subrahmanya Pooja, Lord Subrahmanya Swamy Shasti Pooja 2023 Dates and Procedure.

Skanda Sashti Lord Muruga is honored in a big way by fasting, which is called upavaas. In the traditional Hindu calendar, Sashti is the sixth day of the lunar for two weeks. Sashti happens when the Moon is both getting smaller and getting bigger.

Skanda Sashti is the Sashti that happens when the Moon gets bigger in the Hindu lunar month of Ashwin (Oct-Nov). Lord Muruga killed the demon Soorapadman on this day. The Skanda Sashti fast, called Viratham, lasts for six days, from Prathama, the first day after the New Moon of Diwali, to Sashti tithi, the sixth day. Each of the six days is spent honoring Lord Muruga by reading about him in the scriptures, going to his temple, fasting, and doing pooja in order to please him and get his blessings. During the Skanda Sashti period, people who love Lord Muruga fast in whole or in part.

Palani Murugan Temple Darshan Timings

Skanda Shasti Vratham 2023 dates:

Skanda shasti Date Day
skanda shasti 26 January Thursday
skanda shasti 25 February Saturday
skanda shasti 26 March Sunday
skanda shasti 25 April Tuesday
skanda shasti 25 May Thursday
skanda shasti 24 June Saturday
skanda shasti 23 July Sunday
skanda shasti 22 August Tuesday
skanda shasti 20 September Wednesday
skanda shasti 20 October Friday
skanda shasti day 1 13 November Monday
skanda shasti day 2 14 November Tuesday
skanda shasti day 3 15 November Wednesday
skanda shasti day 4 16 November Thursday
skanda shasti day 5 17 November Friday
Soora Samharam 18 November Saturday
Tiru Kalyanam 19 November Sunday
Subrahmanyan Shasti 17 December Sunday

What we know about Skanda Sashti:

There was once a demon whose name was Surapadma. Simhamukha and Tarakasur were his brothers. They had done a lot of damage to gods and humans alike. Because the demons were bothering them, the gods went to Lord Brahma and asked him how to solve such a big problem. Brahma said that Shiva was the only one who could stop these demons.

Lord Shiva meditated on Mount Kailash when the gods sent Kamdev (Manmatha). Lord Shiva was meditating when Kamadeva woke him up. Lord Shiva got angry because he was pulled away from his meditation, so he opened his third eye. This caused Kamadeva’s body to be burned to ashes.

Lord Shiva accidentally let six sparks fall to the ground. There, where the spark landed, a boy was born. Skanda is the name that Devi Parvati gave to the boy she took in as her child. So, Skandamata is another name for Parvati (mother of Skanda).

Skanda killed those demons on Sashti and made the whole universe peaceful and wealthy. Since then, people have been happy on that day, which is now called Skanda Sashti.

How Skanda Sashti is important in Hinduism?

  • South Indian Hindus call it Kanda Sashti, the name of a big festival they have for it.
  • Skanda Sashti is a well-known festival. Devotees still fast to this day because they believe that doing so will bring happiness and wealth to their families.
  • Women who want to have children keep this fast because they think it will make their dreams come true. People also pray and sing Sashti Kavacham while they fast.
  • Hindu mythology says that the day of Skanda Sashti is a very good day. Skanda Sashti Vrat is based on the phases of the moon.
  • The battle between the three evil spirits and Lord Skanda’s fight went on for six days, and he won on the seventh. Because of this, the fast of Skanda Sashti Vrat lasts for six days in a row.


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