Somnath Temple Online Donations Tax Benefits Contacts

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At the confluence of the fabled Saraswati, Hiranya, and Kapila rivers, also known as the Triveni Sangam, is where the Somnath temple can be found. This temple can be found near Prabhas Patan, which is in Saurashtra, West Gujarat, India.

It is said to be the first jyotirlinga, which means that it was the first spot where Lord Shiva made his presence known to humans.

A brief account of the history of Somnath Jyotirlinga
It is said that the Moon God constructed the first temple out of gold during the Satya Yuga; Ravana constructed it out of silver during the Treta Yuga; and Lord Krishna constructed it out of sandalwood during the Dwapara Yuga.

Somnath Temple Online Donations Tax Benefits Contacts

Several conquerors, including Mahmud of Ghazni (1024), Afzal Khan, Ala-ud-din Khilji’s commander (1296), Muzaffar Shah (1375), Mahmud Begada (1451), and subsequently Aurangzeb, have pillaged and destroyed this shrine many times (1665).

Shri Vikramaditya of Ujjaini, who ruled about 2500 years ago, the Vallabhi kings, who ruled between 480 and 767 CE, Bhimadeva of Anhilawada, who ruled in the 11th century AD, and Khangara, who ruled in 1351 AD, were among the numerous monarchs who were responsible for the reconstruction of the temple.

It has undergone around 17 different reconstructions! Sandstone was used in the creation of the contemporary building that India’s former deputy Prime Minister Sardar Vallabhai Patel oversaw the construction of between 1947 and 1951.

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Somnath Temple Online Donations Tax Benefits Contacts

  • Specifically pertaining to the environment

The ancient Indian civilization has always placed a strong emphasis on preserving and protecting the natural world around them. In order to meet its obligations to the natural world, the Shree Somnath Trust is now conducting a tree-planting campaign. With reforestation, it is hoped that the existing levels of oxygen in the air may be preserved.

  • Gau Seva

Shree Somnath Trust initiated the first Gau Shala in the vicinity of Triveni Sangam in September 2013 with the intention of educating locals on the importance of cow husbandry. Because of the rise in the number of cows, a brand-new Gau Shala was built in January of 2016. At the moment, there are a total of 134 cows spread among two gau shalas. There are 46 cows, 32 heifer calves that are older than one year, 14 bull calves, 19 bull calves that are less than one year, 19 heifer calves, 2 bulls, and 2 oxen in the herd. To ensure that the breed of cows and their lineage are continually becoming better, healthy calves are distributed as prasad in order to promote them in other gaushalas and panchayat gaushalas. The Shree Somnath Trust has given away eight healthy cows of a desirable breed to a variety of recipients. The milk that comes from Gaushala is put to use in religious rituals at temples, while the rest of it is consumed.

  • Donations of food were organized by the Shree Somnath Trust.

According to the Gujarati Panchang, the Shree Somnath Prasad Food Donation began on November 5th, 2021. This was done by the Shree Somnath Trust. Because of this program, thousands of worshippers and those in need have access to meals twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. As of the 21st of April 2022, 3.08 lakh persons have taken use of the facility’s provision of food, which totals 7.78 crore rupees thanks to the wonderful assistance of contributors. The following categories are used to categorize the donations that are received:

1. The amount of the donation for the Tithi meal is Rs. 11 thousand
2. The amount of the donation for a single day’s worth of food is Rs. 11thousand
3. The amount of money donated for the Swajan Smruti Bhojan is 41 thousand rupees (for a week).
4. The sum of the donation for food for a month is 1,111thousand rupees


  • Somnath, Prabhas Patan
  • Dist. Gir Somnath-362268
  •  sompp[at]somnath[dot]org
  •  +91-94282 14914

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