Sri Krishnashtami Pooja procedure & importance

Sri Krishnashtami Pooja procedure & importance

Sri Krishna Janmashtami festival is celebrated on the birth of Lord Sri Krishna. Sri krishnashtami is also called Gokulashtami. Lord Sri Krishna is the 8th avataram of Lord Vishnu. Sri Krishnashtami falls on Ashtami of Krishna Paksham in Shravana Masam. Lord Krishna parents are Vasudeva and Devaki. His uncle kills Devaki and Vasudev’s seven sons before Krishna one after another fearing death. When Sri Krishna was born Vasudeva takes Child Krishna away from Mathura city and leaves him in Gokulam with Yashoda and Nanda. When Vasudeva reaches at Gokulam, Yashoda gives birth to a baby girl, believed to be a form of Goddess Durga. Krishna is safely placed with new parents and Vasudeva took the baby girl to Devaki in Mathura. Lord Krishna was raised by Yashoda and Nanda. The Sri Krishnashtami Pooja procedure & importance is explained in this article.

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Sri Krishnashtami Pooja procedure:

  • Wake up early in the morning in Brahma muhurtham and take a head bath.
  • The house should be cleaned a day before Sri Krishna Janmashtami.
  • Decorate the Pooja room. Lord Sri Krishna’s idol is the center of attraction of this Pooja.
  • Light an oil or ghee lamp and incense sticks to god.
  • Do abhishekam to Lord Krishna’s idol and decorate with flowers.
  • Devotees draw small footsteps leading from the main door to the Pooja room representing Sri Krishna’s little feet coming to bless the devotees.
  • Offer naivedhyam for Lord Krishna. Butter, ghee, curd, and other milk-based sweets and products are favourite foods of Lord Sri Krishna.
  • Do harathi at the end and distribute the prasadam to devotees.

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