Story behind Narasimha Avataram

The story Behind Narasimha Avataram was Discussed below, Narasimha, sometimes spelled Narasingha (/ˈnʌrəˌsɪŋhə/; Sanskrit: नरसिंह, lit. ’man-lion’, IAST: Narasiṃha) is a Hindu God Vishnu in an aggressive avatar. The God one who embodies in the form of part lion and man, Lion for Head and Human for Body. God Narashima came to Restore the Law and destroy evil and Enmity on Earth. Narasimha has three eyes. This Avatar of lord Vishnu was described as the God of Destruction, who destroys the entire universe (Mahapralaya). Because Of this he is called Kala (time) or Mahakala (great-time). As per Sanskrit the word Narasimha consists of 2 words “nara” and “simha”. which means man, and lion. Together the Narasimha means “man-lion”, referring to a mixed aggressive avatar of Vishnu. 

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 Story behind Narasimha Avataram:

The Bhagavata Purana describes that Vishnu while in his previous avatar as Varaha killed the evil asura Hiranyaksa. because he killed his elder brother, demon king Hiranyakasipu, hated God Vishnu, and wanted revenge on him. He undertook many years of chanting to gain special powers. Thereafter, Brahma offered Hiranyakasipu a Wish. He asked that “I don’t die inside or outside of any Residence, during day or night, and not on the ground or in the sky. No weapons can bring my Death and not by any Animal or Human. My death could not be met by living or nonliving things that were created by you, further that I will not be killed by any demigod or demon”. At last, Brahma Granted his wish, then the Hiranyakasipu Gained these Great Powers.

Hiranyaksa, Now he is powerful and invincible with the new boon, began to Suffer those who were devotees of Vishnu. Hiranyaksa had a son, Prahlada, who always disagreed and was against his father. Prahlada was a devotee of God vishnu. The Hiranyaksa was very angry that he hated the Vishnu but his son was a devotee of Vishnu. He tried to kill his boy but in every attempt, Prahlada was protected by God Vishnu from Hiranyaksa 

When his Father asked, Prahlada was rejected to accept that his father was the Supreme Lord of the universe and said Vishnu is the Supreme Lord.

Hiranyaksa, getting very angry and unable to control it, smashed the Pillar with a tumultuous sound. God Vishnu appeared in the form of Narasimha from the Pillar. To kill the Hiranyaksa and as per boom given by Brahma normal form cannot kill so the Narasimha was chosen. Hiranyaksa was not killed by any human or animal. and he was killed in the Courtyard neither inside nor outside the residence. Placed the Hiranyaksa on their thighs neither earth nor sky. By using his sharp Nails as weapons, Narasimha cracked his stomach. To kill the demon King Hiranyaksa the Narasimha Avatar of Vishnu was created.

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