Tamil Vaigasi Masam 2023 Marriage Muhurtham Dates Timings Calendar

See below for the Tamil Vaigasi Masam 2023 Marriage Muhurtham Dates Timings Calendar, 2023 Tamil Marriage Dates, And Timings Here.

An auspicious day devoted to Lord Muruga is called Vaikasi Visakam. On this day, Lord Muruga is said to have made his earthly debut. This event is celebrated in the Tamil month of Vaikasi, during the Visakam Nakshatra (constellation). According to the Tamil solar calendar, Vaikasi is the second month of the year. Vaikasi Visakam will take place this year on Saturday, May 3, 2023.

Tamils all around the world celebrate Vaikasi Visakam in a magnificent manner. God Parvathi and God Shiva are the parents of Lord Muruga. He leads the army of Gods as its general. People visit Lord Muruga temples on this day and perform Abhishekam with milk, as well as participate in special activities and perform pujas.

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Tamil Vaigasi Masam 2023 Marriage Muhurtham Dates Timings Calendar:

Visakha begins in Bengal, Nepal, and Punjab in the middle of April according to the Hindu solar calendar. It is the second month of the Tamil solar calendar and is referred to in Tamil Nadu as Vaikasi (mid-May to mid-June). Chithirai is the Tamil month that corresponds to Vaisakha (mid-April-mid-May).

Vaisakha, which corresponds to the second month of the lunar year in the Hindu lunar calendar, begins with the new moon in April. The month’s name comes from the proximity of the Moon’s “Nakshatra” on the day of the full moon to the Vishakha constellation. Madhusudana presides over this month according to the Vaishnava calendar.

Tamil Vaigasi Masam 2023 Marriage Muhurtham Dates Timings Calendar:

  • 15 Mon Vishnupati Punyakalam, Rishab Sankranti, Ekadasi Vratham, the inauguration of the path at Sabarimala 17 Wed month Shivaratri, Pratosham
  • 19 Fri Amavasai, Karthika Vratham, Savitri Vratham
  • 20 Sat Mutuvenilkalam, Chandra darshan
  • 22 A day of rest on Monday
  • The fast on the 23rd of every month.
  • 25 Thu Shashti Vratham
  • 28 Sun Risaba quick
  • 29 Mon Agni Nakshatra results 31 Wed Ekadasi fast
  • 01 Pratosham, Thursday
  • 03 Sat Vaikasi Visagam, Poornami Vratham, Savitri Vratham
  • Full moon on Sunday, April 4; World Environment Day occurs on Monday, April 5.
  • 07 Wed Sangadahara Chaturthi Vratham
  • 08 Thursday during the Thiruvona fast 14 Wednesday during the Yogini Ekadasi fast
  • 15 Thu Pradosham, Karthikai Vratham, Mithuna Sankranti

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Adi Shankara’s incarnation day is celebrated on the fifth day of the Vaikasi month, which is also known as Suklapatsa Panchami. Adi Shankar is said to have been an incarnation of Lord Shiva himself. He traveled extensively across India, where he disseminated Advaita teachings. In addition, he established norms for the use of Shan Margams. It is crucial that we pay tribute to the Guru on the day Adi Shankara took human form. Wonderful things would come about today if we sang Mahan’s praises and cherished the portrait of him that has become so dear to us.

In honor of Goddess Kannikaparameshwari’s rebirth, Vasavi Jayanti is celebrated annually as a national holiday in India. Mother Kanikaparameshwari is the family deity of the merchant clan, and on this day, contemplating and worshipping her might help one overcome hardships and bring good fortune. Adi Parameshwari assumes several guises, including that of Mother Kannikaparameshwari. Consequently, it is widely held that if a deity image of Malarsathi Kanikaparameshwari is worshipped on this day, the family would be rescued from poverty.

If Ekadasi occurs during the month of Vaikasi, it is referred to be “Mohini Ekadasi” and celebrated as such. According to legend, Lord Vishnu first started his rule as the deity of creation on the waxing Ekadasi of the Vaikasi month, when he took the form of Mohini. This is why it’s known as “Mohini Ekadasi.” It is thought that if one fast and worships Perumal on this auspicious day, not only will their sins be forgiven in this life, but also in any previous lives they may have lived. The Parana must be completed by the next day, which is known as Duvadasi.

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