Karva Chauth Rituals Puja Vidhi for Unmarried Girls

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While Karwa Chauth is considered a festival for married women alone, it is also an option for unmarried women, or Kunwari Kanya as they are known in India. It is stated that if unmarried ladies fast on this day, their wishes are granted and they receive the best mates, comparable to Lord Shiva. But it is not that simple. There are a few rules and puja vidhi that the girls must follow.

The moon on this day is regarded to represent a manifestation of Lord Shiva in Hindu mythology. It is advised to worship Goddess Parvati in order to appease Lord Shiva. Perform the puja steps quickly before the moon rises and get a glimpse of the moon for his longevity. Unless you are married, a simple puja would suffice.

Karwa Chauth Puja for Unmarried Girls:

While most unmarried women wait for the moon to rise, many break their fasts after catching a glimpse of the North Star. Break your fast with a view of the north star instead of waiting for the moon to rise.

In some areas, unmarried women who are neither engaged nor have a lover observe the Karwa Chauth fast with a few spiritual traditions alongside married women. In essence, they openly observe a fast at home in the hopes of soon finding a good life partner and wonderful husband.

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Karva Chauth Rituals Puja Vidhi for Unmarried Girls

  • On Karvachauth, unmarried ladies must worship Shiva-Parvati.
  • Women break their fast after viewing and paying respect to the moon with a decorated Karva Chauth thali and chalni on this day only after Maa Parvati and Ganesha have been worshipped throughout the day.
  • They must break the fast by offering arghya to the moon and imagining the ideal husband.
  • Solah shringar is crucial, and it is insufficient without mehndi. Don’t forget about the sargi.
  • Unmarried women may not acquire sargi from their mother-in-law, but they should not be without it.
  • They should consume sargi while offering bhog and meditation near a deity.
  • Listen to the Shiva-Parvati Karwa Chauth tale.
  • Break the fast by asking God to provide you with a suitable future husband.
  • Avoid wearing black or white. You can dress in yellow, green, pink, or red.
  • Unmarried girls in many Indian states fast in order to find the perfect spouse, yet many do not adhere to the tradition. At the same time, ladies observe this fast in honor of their fiance and future marriages.


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