Tirumala Alipiri footpath steps timings

Tirumala Alipiri Footpath Steps Opening and Closing Timings details, Darshan Ticket Details:

Tirumala is a well-known place for spirituality and devotionality.  Lakhs of devotees will come to Tirumala daily to have a darshan of Kaliyuga daiva Sri Venkateswara Swamy. TTD organizes and manages each and every aspect of Tirumala and its sub-divisions. Scroll down to view about Tirumala Alipiri footpath steps timings. Alipiri is the main footpath way to Tirumala, we can find Sri Padala Mandapam Temple at the Alipiri Steps Starting point. Tirumala Alipiri footpath steps timings will be shown below.

Alipiri – Entrance to heaven:

Alipiri is one of the entrances of the two footpath ways to Tirumala. It is in the Northern part of Tirupati. Numerous fans inorder to show their commitment towards Lord Venkateswara come here to go to Tirumala by walk. Also, People enjoy the footpath way from Alipiri steps by visiting many small temples and Deer Park.

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The Alipiri steps were renovated in 2008 and recently they are further upgraded to modern style and features. Alipiri at the beginning of the means there will be Temple of Sri vari padalu and it is treated as hallowed as the Feet of Lord Venkateswara. 

Tirumala Alipiri Footpath Steps Opening and Closing Timings details

Alipiri Footpath will be opened for 24hours all day and night. There are around 3550 Steps and the way is about 9 KMs. It takes about 4 hours to reach the final step and the entrance of Tirumala. The step way is covered with blue coloured roof to protect the devotees from Rain. Water facility is available in the way too. There will be 14000 tickets issued per day for the devotees come in Footpath. This mode of darshan is known as Divya Darshanam. Alipiri mettu is about 4kms from the Tirupati Bus Stand. Pilgrims are always welcome to come on Footpath way. Many pilgrims treat it as a sacred to come to Tirumala on Footpath.

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