Tirumala Kalyanakatta Hair Offering Timings

Know the update regarding Tirumala Kalyanakatta Hair Offering Timings, TTD Tirumala Lord Venkateswara Hair Offering Timings, and procedure.

In Kalyanakatta, pilgrims get tonsure in order to fulfill their vows. Tonsure is performed by about 1316 barbers in four batches continuously at Main and 9 smaller Kalyanakatta. There are over 400 Tonsurers working each shift to reduce the time pilgrims must wait to be tonsured. Four sizable tonsure rooms with platforms for both pilgrims and barbers can be seen in the main Kalyanakatta building. Both a sizable waiting space and a well-organized queueing system are present. Additionally, 9 mini Kalyanakattas that run daily at significant Tirumala locales performs procedures on pilgrims staying in cottages and guesthouses.

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Locations to receive a tonsure

Examples of these facilities are Sri Padmavathi Rest House HVC, GNC, PAC1, PAC2, Nandakam Rest House, Kousthubham Rest House (KTRH), and Sapthagiri Rest House (SGRH).

Tirumala Kalyanakatta Hair Offering Timings

  • For piligrims, TTD Kalyana Katta is open round-the-clock.

The Purpose of KalyanaKatta’s Tirumala Hair Offering

The first devotee to sacrifice her hair to God was Neela Devi. This hill is called Neeladri in her honor by Lord Srinivasa. A little portion of Lord Srinivasa’s scalp became bald after being struck on the head by a shepherd. Neeladevi, a Gandharva princess, observed that there hasn’t been any hair growth there. She thought a face this beautiful shouldn’t have any defects. She takes off a piece of her hair right away and utilizes her expertise to place it on his head.

Because hair is regarded as the most attractive feature of women, Lord Srinivasa respects her sacrifice and claims that all the hair offered to him by worshipers at Tirumala or Tirupati belongs to Neeladevi. Letting rid of our ego is symbolized by giving our hair to God. Her name is also where the phrase “Talaneelalu” comes from.

Things to keep in mind in Kalyanakatta

  • Tonsuring is offered without charge across Kalyanakatta.
  • Antiseptics are diluted with water and administered to the head before tonsillectomy to prevent skin and other infections.
  • To provide pilgrims with hot water after tonsure, geysers are placed in bathrooms.
  • Tonsure tokens created by computers are presented to the pilgrims.

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