Tirumala Pournami Garuda seva 2022 Dates

Tirumala Pournami Garuda seva 2022 Dates and Time

Tirumala Pournami Garuda Seva 2022 Dates, The Garuda Seva is a completely crucial seva in the Tirumala temple. Garuda is the Vahana of Lord Vishnu. In Tirumala, every year on the fifth day of Brahmotsavams garuda Seva is performed. Nearly more than 5 lakh devotees visit Tirumala on this day. So garuda seva has more significance in Tirumala. Many pilgrims assume that the Seva could be done only during the brahmotsavam in Tirumala. This takes place yearly as soon as. but a number of the pilgrims do not know that on every pournami day the Garuda Seva can be carried out in Tirumala. The Garuda Seva method, the Uthsava idol of Lord Sri Venkateswara can be taken on a procession the Thiru Mada Streets on Lord Garuda. This Seva is open to all and therefore any pilgrim can participate in this Seva if they may be in Tirumala on the same day. Check Below for Tirumala Pournami Garuda Seva 2022 Dates.

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Garuda Seva at Tirumala 2022:

The dates of the Pournami Garuda Seva for the year 2022 are as follows. Please remember the Garuda will be performed based on the decision-making by TTD like Special Occassions, Crowd, and many more factors. Below are the dates which can be taken as the Garuda Seva might happen by now for sure. The Garuda Seva will be canceled based on a decision by the authorities. So we cannot for sure say that the Garuda Seva happens each and every Pournami. Pilgrims need to check with the respective authorities for confirmation.

Dates of Pournami Garuda Seva Tirumala 

  • January 17, Monday
  • February 16, Wednesday
  • March 18, Friday
  • April 16, Saturday
  • May 16, Monday
  • June 14, Tuesday
  • July 13, Wednesday
  • August 11, Thursday
  • September 10, Saturday
  • October 9, Sunday
  • November 8, Tuesday
  • December 8, Thursday

Pournami Garuda Seva Timings:

TTD organizes Pournami Garuda Seva every Month on Full Moon Day evening from 07 PM to 09 PM.

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