Tirumala Tirupati Darshan Tickets Cancellation Procedure

Know the Latest News and Update Regarding Tirumala Tirupati Darshan Tickets Cancellation Procedure, How to Cancel the Online Booked Seva Ticket

Tirumala Tirupati Darshan

Tirupati is the only place in India that every citizen makes it a point to visit at least once every year. It is considered lucky and holy by a significant number of Hindus in India. For many years, it has served as the shrine for Lord Venkateshwara Balaji. Tirupati and Tirumala are particularly oppressive places to visit when the tourist season is in full swing; you should do all in your power to stay away from these locations. It is not tough, but you will need to plan it out carefully at several points throughout.

Tirupati is a popular destination for vacationers throughout the entire year. The summer months at Tirupati, which run from March to September, are extremely hot and humid, with temperatures occasionally exceeding 42 degrees Celsius. Nevertheless, throughout the year, visitors can be seen at the local temples. Considering that the Sri Venkateswara Temple sees anywhere from 60,000 to 80,000 visitors on a daily basis, the TTD has developed efficient darshan systems in order to better manage the vast number of pilgrims who come to Tirumala.

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Tirumala Tirupati Darshan Tickets Cancellation Procedure

  • There are no cancellations, refunds, postponements, or advancements available for any reservations that have been made.
  • Tickets purchased through Arjitha Seva are subject to the same rules regarding cancellations.
  • It is possible to view the hotel’s cancellation policy on its website.

During the period that COVID was unavailable for use, Devasthanam gave customers the opportunity to get their money back for unused Darshan and Seva tickets. During the lockdown, Devasthanam offered full refunds for any and all Arjitha Seva and Special Entry Darshan tickets that were purchased. Aside from that, Devasthanam does not have a return method at the moment.


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