Shukra Moudyami Closing Date 2022 Telugu Calendar

See below for Shukra Moudyami Closing Date 2022 Telugu Calendar, Shukra Moudyami Opening and Closing Date 2022, Auspicious and Inauspicious days.

What is Shukra Moudyam?

Shukra Maudhyam happens between September 15 and December 2. Astrology talks about two different kinds of Madhyams. Shukra Maudhyam is the first, and Guru Maudhyam is the second. From September 15 to December 2, there are 79 days of Shukra Maudhyam. Maudhyam is often called “Third” in everyday speech. The Navagrahas circle around the Sun. When the Earth, Sun, and a planet are all in the same line, the people on Earth can’t see the planet. This is called Mudam or Astangatvam.

Since the Sun is the king of the planets, if any planet gets too close to it, Agraha loses its power. This is why Guru Maudhyam happens when the Guru gets too close to the Sun and Shukra Maudhyam happens when Venus gets too close to the Sun. At that point, they get weak. Shastras tell people not to do good things under the guise of superstition. Even though this happens to all planets, astrology only considers it a dosha when it happens to the good planets, Guru and Venus.

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Shukra Moudyami Closing Date 2022 Telugu Calendar

2022-2023 Shukra Moodam (15 September 2022 to 2 December 2022)

Shukra Moodam will end on December 2, 2022, on Shukla Dashami in Margashirsha Month (Margashira Masam), at 5:30 a.m., in the third quarter of Jyeshta Nakshatra in Vrischika Rashi, after Shukra Graha Udayam goes west.

Shukra Moudyami – Astrological importance:

People believe that the days when Jupiter and Venus are closest to the Sun, are bad luck and those good things shouldn’t be done on those days. Guru Shukra is thought to be suitable for any good plan, and if it is strong, great things will happen. Any good thing done during a superstition will turn out to be bad. Astrology says that things will be hard and that people will die.


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