Tirumala Angapradakshinam Darshan Timings Tickets Online Booking

Know the steps of Tirumala Angapradakshinam Darshan Timings Tickets Online Booking, TTD Tirumala Angapradakshinam 2022 Tickets Online Booking.

Pilgrims offer certain types of sevas which are considered as strong and holy which shows pilgrims devotion to god all the time. Two of them are known as highly sacred. One is pilgrims walking barefoot to Tirumala and the other is doing Angapradakshinam. Anga means whole body and Pradakshinam means going around the temple. Pilgrims follow this sacred ritual where they lie and roll so that the whole body touches the ground. Pilgrims will be issued Sarva Darshan Tickets as a token of appreciation by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams

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Tirumala Angapradakshinam Darshan Timings:

  • The Angapradakshinam timings start at 1.30 A.M. 
  • The reporting time is 3.00 A.M at Vaikuntam Queue complex
  • All pilgrims must stick to traditional attire with Kurta, Pajamas, or Dhoti around the waist and the upper cloth on the shoulder for men and sarees or Punjabi dress with dupatta for women. 
  • Pilgrims should carry a government ID proof along with the ticket before entering the temple premises.

Procedure of Tirumala Angapradakshinam Booking:

  • All pilgrims must wear traditional attire and must reach Pushkarini before starting the ritual
  • Pilgrims must take a dip in Pushkarini to start the ritual.
  • Women must reach Vaikuntam Queue Complex 1 before 1:30 AM 
  • Women are allowed in a waiting room after ticket verification and men are allowed in a different waiting room for ticket verification.
  • Gates will open at 3:00 AM for ladies whereas gents will be allowed after suprabatham.
  • Devotees will be merged into the darshan queue after suprabatham.

Angapradakshinam Tickets can be booked in two ways

  • One is through the in-person booking
  • Other is through online booking.

CRO Office issues Angapradakshinam Tickets every day except on Fridays. TTD Issues a total of 750 tickets comprising 350 male tickets and 350 female tickets. Pilgrims have to stand in line at noon in order to get angapradakshinam tickets for the next day. Tickets are issued on a first come first serve basis. The authorities issue tickets at 2:30 PM. One laddu is offered as Prasadam and an extra Rs.10 must be paid. The Angapradakshinam Darshan Ticket is entirely free of cost and pilgrims must submit an Aadhar card for biometric verification. Pilgrims can also avail of tickets online checking for the monthly quota. After selecting the Date and Darshan Slot time pilgrims must give basic details to confirm the Angapradakshinam tickets.

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