Tirumala TTD Pournami Garuda Seva 2023 Dates and Timings

See below for the Tirumala TTD Pournami Garuda Seva 2023 Dates and Timings, Tirumala Pournami Garuda Seva Timings, Today Tirumala Garuda Seva Timings Here.

Garuda Seva is a ritual that is performed on the fifth day of the Brahmotsavams festival in Tirumala. This ceremony is held every year. On this particular day, it is anticipated that there will be close to 5 lakh pilgrims in Tirumala. As a direct result of this, the significance of garuda seva has been steadily increasing in Tirumala in recent years. Pilgrims have a prevalent perception that the Tirumala brahmotsavam is the only spot where the Seva can be performed, and this is a common misconception. Only one time a year does something like this happen.

On the other hand, a significant number of visitors to Tirumala are under the notion that the Garuda Seva can only be performed on days that fall on the Pournami calendar. During the festival, the Lord Sri Venkateswara Utsava idol is carried on the back of Lord Garuda as part of the Garuda Seva technique. This allows the idol to be transported through the Thiru Mada Streets. It is feasible for any pilgrim who is in attendance at Tirumala on the same day to take part in this Seva because this service is open to everybody and can be performed by anyone.

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Tirumala TTD Pournami Garuda Seva 2023 Dates and Timings

Pournami Date
January 6/1/2023, Friday
February 5/2/2023, Sunday
March 7/3/2023, Tuesday
April 5/4/2023, Wednesday
May 5/5/2023, Friday
June 3/6/2023, Sunday
July 3/7/2023, Monday
August 1/8/2023, Tuesday
30/8/2023, Wednesday
September 29/9/2023, Friday
October 28/10/2023, Saturday
November 27/11/2023, Monday
December 26/12/2023, Tuesday

TTD plays host to the event known as Pournami Garuda Seva, which takes place once a month in the evening of the day that the moon is in its full phase. The Gallery is the only place where devotees are permitted to observe the procession from within the temple grounds. There is no fee required for any of the worshippers to enter the building.

The start of the yearly Garuda Vahana Seva ceremony is at seven in the evening and will last until eleven in the evening (approx). At this year’s Annual Garuda Vahana Seva, it is predicted that there will be a significant number of attendees. It’s possible that Devasthanam won’t let any more people in once the clock strikes twelve in the afternoon.

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