TTD Tirumala Brahmotsavam 2023 Dates and Darshan Ticket Online Booking

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At the beginning of the Hindu calendar month of Vina, there are nine days dedicated to the Brahmotsavam, which is a celebration similar to Navaratri. On the eve of the first day, the Ankurarpanam rite, which entails scattering seeds to symbolize fertility and abundance, is performed. The main first-day event is called Dwajarohanam, which is when the Garuda flag is raised to announce the beginning of the festival. Among the religious activities that take place during the festival are daily homas and processions on the streets surrounding the temple.

The final day is dedicated to Venkateswara’s birth star. The Sudarshana Chakra is bathed in the temple tank alongside the worshipers. After that, the Chakra is placed on a high platform so that worshippers can pass beneath it and get blessings from the water that is dripping from it. The festival’s conclusion is signaled by the lowering of the Garuda flag or dwajavarohanam.

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TTD Tirumala Brahmotsavam 2023 Dates and Darshan Ticket Online Booking

Tirumala Sri Vari Brahmotsavam Starts from 16 Oct 2023 to 24 Oct 2023

  • The Special Darshan in Tirumala for the Tirumala Brahmotsavam will be canceled by the temple officials.
  • Occasionally, the VIP Darshan for pilgrims is also rescheduled. The pilgrims will be forbidden from performing Seva by the Tirumala Brahmotsavam.
  • Online ticket sales for Special Darshan, Seva, and VIP Darshan will be forbidden during Tirumala’s Brahmotsavam days.
  • Therefore, reservations for the temple’s Brahmotsavam cannot be made online by pilgrims.
  • The sole darshan available at Tirumala during the Brahmotsavam is the Free Darshan.
  • The pilgrims are unable to schedule the Free Darshan online. To reserve the Free Darshan offline, pilgrims must travel to the temple and make a Darshan reservation.
  • The Free Darshan tokens can be used by pilgrims to get the Darshan after they get to the temple.

All TTD departments, notably those at Tirumala, would collaborate to make sure the mammoth fete runs well. These initiatives consist of maintaining a reserve of laddus, providing Annaprasadams, ensuring a steady supply of electricity, completing all pending tasks prior to the deadline, maintaining the area’s cleanliness, allocating parking spaces for cars, putting in place security measures by Vigilance and Security in coordination with the district police, providing lodging, first aid stations, and ambulances.


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