TTD Tirumala Navaratri Brahmotsavam 2022 Dates and Schedule

See below for TTD Tirumala Navaratri Brahmotsavam 2022 Dates and Schedule, Navaratri Brahmotsavam Dates, and Vahanam Information here.

Tirumala is one of the world-famous Hindu Temple which is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara an avatar of Lord Maha Vishnu. As per Puranas, Tirumala is also Known as Utsavadri. In Sanskrit ‘Utsava’ Means Festival or Event.¬†Adri Means Hill or Mountain. As per Myth, In Tirumala, Major Festivals and Events are conducted by Lord Brahma and all parivara devatas. Tirumala is also Known as Kaliyuga Vaikunta and BhuVaikunta.

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About Navaratri Brahmotsavam in Tirumala

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam is the Governing Body Trust which operates all the operations in Tirumala, Tirupati, and Associate Temples, TTD conducts many events in Tirumala in different formats. They are popularly known as Daily Sevas, Weekly Sevas, and Annual Sevas. Sri Vari Salakatla Brahmotsavam or Navaratri Brahmotsavam is the Grandly celebrated most important and famous Annual Event in Tirumala. Brahmotsavam occurs every Year in the month of Kanya Masam. But, Once in 3 years, Sri Vaari Brahmotsavam falls Twice due to Adhika Masam as per Telugu Calendar.

Both Navaratri Brahmotsavam and Salakatla Brahmotsavam are the same in Regular Years, But Navaratri Brahmotsavam Occurs on Dasara Time and Salakatla Brahmotsavam Occurs on Other Month in The time of Adhika Masam Falls. This Year Navaratri Brahmotsavam and Salakatla Brahmotsavam occur on the same Dasara Time due to no Adhika Masam appearing.

TTD Tirumala Navaratri Brahmotsavam 2022 Dates and Schedule

Srivari Brahmotsavam is very important in Tirumala. This Mahathara Ghatta is very important in Tirumala where Srivaru comes to the devotees for nine days and blesses them. These Brahmotsavams start every year in the month of Kanyama and end with Shravana, the birth star of Shri Venkateshwara. This year, Tirumala Brahmotsavam Starts on the 27th of September and continued for next 10 days. Every day, Srivaru will visit the devotees on two vehicles. Ankurarpana will be held for the festival on September 26, the day before to mark the beginning of Srivari’s annual Brahmotsavam.

Date  Event
Sep 26, 2022 Senapathi Ustavam, Ankurarpanam
Sep 27, 2022 Dwajarohanam, Pedda Sesha Vahanam
Sep 28, 2022 Chinna Sesha Vahanam, Hamsa Vahanam
Sep 29, 2022 Simha Vahanam, Mutyapu Pandiri Vahanam
Sep 30, 2022 Kalpavruksha Vahanam 

Sarvabhupala Vahanam

Oct 01, 2022 Mohini Avataram , Garuda Vahanam
Oct 02, 2022 Hanumatha Vahanam, Gaja Vahanam
Oct 03, 2022 Suryaprabha Vahanam 

Chandraprabha Vahanam

Oct 04, 2022 Sarva Bhupala Vahanam, Aswa Vahanam
Oct 05, 2022 Pallaki Ustavam, Theertavari, Tiruchi Utsav

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