Uttarayana Punya Kalam Pitru Tarpanam Vidhi in Telugu Pdf

See below for the Uttarayana Punya Kalam Pitru Tarpanam Vidhi in Telugu Pdf, Makara Sankranthi Pitru Tarpanam, 2023 Uttarayana Punya Kalam Timings, and Pitru Tarpanam details here.

Rinatraya Bandha is connected to every living being who takes human birth. The ancients have prescribed the karma that we should do to get rid of the triad of debt through the wisdom that God has bestowed upon us. Triads of debt (Runa) – 1. Rishi Runa (Rushi Debt), 2. Deva Runa (Deva Debt), 3. Pitru Runa (Pitru Debt).

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Uttarayana Punya Kalam Pitru Tarpanam Vidhi in Telugu Pdf

  1. Rishi’s Runam: By performing Vedadhyayana and Sandhyavandanam rituals in accordance with the dictates of Brahma’s action of wisdom attained by sages, humans are able to pay back the debt owed to the Rishis.
  2. Deva Runam: This issue is resolved by feeding the gods. The sacrifices made during the conduct of Yajna yagadi ceremonies provide food for the gods. God provides debt alleviation.
  3. Pitru Runam: The paternal gods, who are in charge of the birth of our bodies, must likewise grant humans their favor.

The paternal deities are appeased and bestow their blessings on the progeny if certain bodies are made in the shape of satsantana, the development of creation is attained, and pindodaka offerings are made. The father’s obligation will after that be discharged.
After the death of their fathers, they remain in nature as Vasu, Rudra, and Aditya. So if the ancestral deities in their respective forms are satisfied in the form of Shraddha Karmas and Darshasraddha Tila Tarpana, their families will get the blessings of the traditional deities and their families will flourish with happiness and peace.

Therefore, we must follow the rituals prescribed by the elders telling how each one should be freed from his father’s debt. Tila Tarpanam (Darsha Shraddha) which is to be done every month is prescribed by the elders to do the yearly Shraddha Karmas.

When should Pitru Tarpanas be performed?

Elders have mandated that Tarpanam be performed on the next day (Parehani) of Pratyabdhikams (Shraddhas), on the first day of Amavasya, the start of the solar eclipse, during Mahalaya Paksha, during the auspicious time of Surya Chandra Gharana Punya.

2. Who should do Pitru Tarpanam?

  • Everyone who lost a father should perform Tarpanam.
  • No offerings shall be made by the living father.
  • Samaristah Tarpanam should be performed by people whose mothers are still alive and whose fathers have passed away, followed by the fathers of three generations.

To whom should be done for Tarpanam?

  • Tarpanam shall be performed to Pitru Matruvarga Dvaya Pitaru at all other periods, with the exception of one tarpanam (by their names).
  • It is required that the pitru varga invite only them and perform tarpana the morning following matru/pitru pratyabdhya sraddha.
  • The matriarch is not required to present tarpana to the Mata Mahulu (mother’s father) if he is still alive.
  • For solar individuals, infections are a big issue. It is also necessary to do Makara infections, Cancer (Southern Inception Cancer), Libra, and Amavasya Tarpanas (Uttarayana Punyakalam Capricorn) throughout these four months.


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