Sankashti Chaturthi June 2022 date and Timings

Sankashti Chaturthi June 2022 date and Timings

This festival is celebrated every Chaturthi month according to the Hindu calendar. This sankashti Chaturthi is celebrated both In the northern and southern states of India. In Maharashtra, this festival is celebrated in much grandeur. The word ‘sankashti’ originated in Sanskrit. it means ‘deliverance during difficult times. The ‘Chathurthi’ means ‘fourth day or day of Lord Ganesha’. Therefore on this day, all the devotees will pray for lord Ganesha. Sankashti Chaturthi June 2022 Date and timing, details on Ganapathi poojas, all about the Sankashti Chaturthi.

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Sankashti Chaturthi June 2022 Date and timing:

  • Chathurthi time Starts on June 17th, 06:11 AM, and Ends on June 18th, 02:59 AM

Significance of Sankasthi chaturthi:

This sankashti Chaturthi occurs every 4thday after Pournami(Full moon Day) according to Hindu Lunar Calendar. On this day, the devotes follow the strict fast. The devotees will break the fast after having the darshan of the moon at night and prayers to Ganesha. If the Chathurthi comes on Tuesday, then this day calls Angaraki Sankasthi Chathurthi. This Angaraki Sankasthi Chathurthi is considered as most important among all other sankashti Chaturthi Days. Devotees are believed that their Wishes will be fulfilled if they pray for Ganesha on this day. By fasting, the devotes believe that Ganesha will be obstacles, remove problems, and give a lot of Intelligence.

In each Month, Ganesha is will be worshipped with a different name and Peeta. This Sankasthi Chaturthi will occur every month. Every month there will be different Names and Poojas.

The Sankasta Ganapathi Pooja – 13 Names and Peetas

Month Name of Ganesha of which the pooja is performed Name of the peeta
Chaitra Vikata Maha Ganapati Vinayaka Peeta
Vaishakha Chanakra Raja Ekadanta Ganapathi Srichakra Peeta
Jeshtha Krishna Pingala Maha Ganapati Sri Shakthi Ganapathi Peeta
Ashadha Gajaanana Ganapati Vishnu Peeta
Shravana Heramba Maha Ganapati Ganapathi Peeta
Bhadrapada Vignaraja Maha Ganapati Vigneshwara Peeta
Ashwayuja Vakrathunda Maha Ganapati Bhuvaneshwari Peeta
Karthika Ganadipa Maha Ganapati Shiva Peeta
Margashira Akuratha Maha Ganapati Durga Peeta
Pushya Lambodara Maha Ganapati Soura Peeta
Magha Dwijapriya Maha Ganapati Samanya deva Peeta
Phalguna Balachandra Maha Ganapati Agama Peeta
Adhika (intercalary month) Vibhuvana Palaka Maha Ganapati Doorva Bilva Patra Peeta






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