2022 Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti Date and Celebration

See below for the 2022 Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti Date and Celebration, Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti 2022 Dates History Government Holidays here.

2022 Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti Date and Celebration

Maharshi Valmiki Jayanti is a Hindu holiday that honors the day Valmiki was born. Valmiki was a well-known Hindu poet who wrote the Ramayana. The 31st of October will be Valmiki’s birthday party this year.

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Maharshi Valmiki Story:

Legend says that Maharishi Valmiki met Lord Rama while he was in exile. After telling Sita to leave the kingdom of Ayodhya, Lord Rama saved her and gave her a place to stay. In his ashram, she had twins named Luv and Kush. When they were young, the great sage taught them the Ramayana, which is made up of 24,000 verses (shlokas) and seven books (kandas).

People also think that when Valmiki was young, he was a highway robber named Ratnakar. On the banks of the Ganges in ancient India, he was born to a wise man named Prachetasa. His first name was Ratnakara. He got lost in the jungle when he was a child and was found by a hunter, who raised him as his own son. He became a hunter like his foster father when he grew up, but he also stole from people to make a living. He ran into Maharishi Narada and tried to steal from him. He used to steal from and kill people, but then he met Narad Muni, who turned him into a very religious follower of Lord Rama.

After many years of meditation, a voice from above told him that his penance was good and gave him the name Valmiki, which means “the one who was born from the ant hills.” He was also called Adi Kavi as he is the first poet to write in Sanskrit. Since then, people who believe in Hinduism still recite his works, especially the great epic Ramayana. Maharishi Valmiki’s birth date and time are unknown, but it is thought that he lived around 500 BC.

Celebration Of Valmiki Jayanti:

Pragat Diwas is sometimes used to talk about the day that Maharshi Valmiki was born. Hindu followers will be excited to celebrate the day. On this day, people get together and go on Shobha yatras. The day is marked by people giving away free food. There are also prayers said. Maharshi Valmiki’s temples look nice because they are decorated with flowers of many different colors. Everything about it will be fun to watch.


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