2023 April TTD Tirumala Rs 300 Special Entry Darshanam Ticket Release Dates

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Tirupati is a wonderful temple dedicated to Lord Venkateswara, the most important god of the Kali Yuga era. The Tirupati Seven Malayan Temple, also known as the Sri Venkateswara Temple, is the most well-known and the oldest of the country’s spiritual pilgrimage sites. It occupies the seventh peak of Thiruvenkata Hill, which is its most prominent location. The temple may be found on the other bank of the Swamy Pushkarani a pond beside the Temple and it is entirely constructed using conventional stone building techniques.

This temple has a total area of 2.2 acres, and it is home to an idol of Venkateswara that stands at a height of 8 feet. This statue is supported on a golden pedestal that is referred to as the Ananda Thana Divya Vimana. The eyes of this idol are adorned with glistening ruby jewels all over the surface.

Camphor and kumkum are often packaged together with these items as well. The goddess Thirumeni is given a gift of green camphor. We are aware that green camphor is a molecule that is created by chemical reactions. If this is done to regular stones, the stone will eventually fracture under the pressure. However, there is no need for concern since the Seven Hills are treated with green camphor every day of the year.

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2023 April TTD Tirumala Rs 300 Special Entry Darshanam Ticket Release Dates

Tirupati, which is constantly chilly, contrasts with the natural marvel that can be seen in Karurai, which is located around 900 meters (about 3,000 feet) above sea level. “Penumal still perspires even after being anointed with ice water first thing in the morning. They will eliminate that perspiration with the help of Peethambara. They claim that the temperature in the Thirumeni of the Seven Hills is always exactly 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

TTD Provides the Tirumala Sri Venkateswara Swamy Darshan Special Entry Tickets online for Booking. Every Month TTD Release a new quota and Special quota for the pilgrims to book online. The March 2023 Month Quota would be released by the Month of February. The Online Booking Tickets Quota is not yet released by the TTD. Mostly by the end of the second week, TTD would release the tickets.

In the same manner, the gems are taken out before the anointing of the Seven Hills that takes place every Thursday. Then we will be able to see that the treasures of the seven mountains have been encased in stone! Approximately 1 km away from the Tirupati Temple. Rare rocks known as Sila Thoranam may be seen out in the distance. According to the findings of many researchers, the age of these rocks, which can be found nowhere else in the globe, is around 250 million years. These rocks and the Thirumeni that are found in Etummalayan are both of the same sorts.

Tirumala Steps Route And Rs 300 Special Entry Darshanam Ticket Booking:

From the slopes of Tirupati Hill, there are two distinct ways to go to Tirumala. Both of these ways are considered to be sacred. Alibiri, which means that this path close to Lower Tirupati has been traveled for quite some time, Shri Aadivan Satagopa Yathindra Maha Desikan, the first Jeera Swami of Agophila Math, is credited with being the first Jeera Swami to construct the steps leading up to Tirumala.

Srivarimettu Route: Srinivasa is near Mangapuram, 20 miles from Tirupati. It was put to heavy use in ancient times, and in more recent times, the Tirupati Devasthanam has been responsible for its restoration. People traveling from Andhra Pradesh and the towns that are located close to Tirupati use this route the most.

2023 April TTD Tirumala Rs 300 Special Entry Darshanam Ticket Release Dates Online Booking Steps:

  • If you want to learn more about TTD Seva and darshan, as well as where to make reservations and where to stay, you may do so by checking out their website.
  • The next step is to wait in the online queue, which shouldn’t take more than 5 to 12 minutes.
  • After that, enter both your phone number and the OTP that was sent to your mobile device.
  • Please make sure you read and double-check the covid-19 declaration notice.
  • A calendar for you to choose the days you want to visit the temple from will pop up. After settling on a certain day, you’ll need to choose a specific window of time to visit the temple.
  • Each shade conveys its own unique message. A yellow indicator implies that the venue is getting close to capacity.
  • Then, fill in the blanks with your specifics, such as the number of visitors, the number of required rooms, and the desired amount of extra laddu prasadam.
  • Click “Continue” once you’ve entered your name, picture ID, ID card number, etc.
  • After selecting a ticket, you may finish the transaction by paying for it using UPI, a credit card, or a debit card. You will then have a confirmed reservation for your TTD Online Ticket.

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