2023 Ganga Pushkaralu Location and Bathing Ghats

See below for the 2023 Ganga Pushkaralu Location and Bathing Ghats, 2022 Ganga Pushkaralu Dates and Places, River Ganga Pushkar Dates, and Bath Ghats Information here.

According to Hindu Sanatana Dharam, Pushkaralu of 12 chosen sacred rivers is observed on specific days and times dependent on Brihaspati’s (Jupiter’s) planetary position. As Jupiter enters a particular zodiac sign for the first time in a continuous 12-day period, Pushkaram is observed for that particular holy river. A particular river’s Pushkaram repeats every 12 years because there are 12 zodiac signs.

All the gods (Brahmaadi Devatalu), all great rishis (sages), pitru devatas (ancestors), and all the rivers (teerthas), including the Holy River Ganges, are said to enter into the rivers and become energized and power-packed when Brihaspati and Pushkara remain in association during the Pushkaralu in the specific river. Take a dip in the river and drink it in with your spirit. All these attaining for Salvation or Moksha

The Ganga is preparing for a significant celebration that occurs once every 12 years. The kshetras of Gangotri, Gangasagar, Haridwar, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Varanasi, and Allahabad are all decorated with flowers during those twelve days.

When Pushkara Raju (the King of Pushkaras), and Brihaspathi (Guru – Jupiter), arrive at Ashwini Nakshatra Mesha Rashi, Ganga Pushkaras officially begins. The most auspicious Pushkarams are the Ganga Pushkarams. There are 64 snan ghats for Ganga Pushkara snan in Varanasi. Manikarnika Ghat is the most significant of them all.

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Rive Ganga Pushkara Date and Time 2023

River Ganga marks the beginning of the Pushkaraulu cycle when Brihaspati enters Mesha Raasi (Aries). The occasion is known as Ganga Pushkaram. Ganga Pushkaram starts on April 22 and ends on May 3, 2023. Ganga Pushkaralu starts when Jupiter enters Aries (Guru Sankramana in Mesha Rashi). It takes place in the cities of Allahabad, Gangotri, Gangasagar, Haridwar, Badrinath, and Kedarnath Sangam Prayag.

2023 Ganga Pushkaralu Location and Bathing Ghats

The Religious Ghats are riverfront stairs in Varanasi that lead to the banks of the Ganges. The city is home to 88 ghats. Two ghats are used only as cremation places, but the majority of the ghats are bathing and puja ritual ghats. After 1700 AD, while the city was a part of the Maratha Empire, the majority of Varanasi’s ghats were constructed.

However, The Marathas, Shindes (Scindias), Holkars, Bhonsles, and Peshwes are the current ghats’ patrons (Peshwas). While many ghats are privately held, many of them are connected to myths or tales. A well-liked tourist attraction is the Ganges boat trip over the ghats in the morning.

How to Reach River Ganga for Pushkara Snana?

  • By Air: Delhi and Mumbai, two of India’s largest cities, are easily accessible from the Varanasi airport.
  • By Train: Major Indian cities are rail-connected to the Varanasi railway station. Tourists can rent  taxi or cab to get about the city from the train station.
  • By Road: 700 Km from Kolkata and about 800 Km from New Delhi. well-connected by road to all major cities.

Do’s and Dont’s in Ganga Ghats

  • Keep the River Premises clean and tidy
  • Contact only registered purohits for the details
  • Follow the Queue system.
  • Don’t through waste materials in the river
  • Don’t use Soap or Other Shampoos for the bath in Ghats.
  • Don’t throw coins and other things in the river.
  • Don’t pollute the river with Plastic Waste and Medical Waste.



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