2023 Srivari Brahmotsavam Tirumala Darshanam Tickets Online Booking

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Tirumala is continuously bustling with utsavams since it is popularly assumed that Lord Sri Venkateswara enjoys them. There is no bigger party than the Brahmotsavam.

Before the beginning of Brahmotsavam, the Sri Venkateswara temple is painstakingly cleaned in line with the norms put down in holy writings. The temple and its surroundings are beautifully landscaped with flowers and mango leaves. This strategy is also known as Aalaya Suddhi or Alankaram.

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2023 Srivari Brahmotsavam Tirumala Darshanam Tickets Online Booking

The ritual of Mritsangrahanam (the collection of soil) is carried out the night before the first day of Brahmotsavam. The priests of the temple pray to several different deities, including Vishvaksena, Anantha, Sudarshana, and Garuda. They also perform the Ankurarpanam ceremony, in which they pray to Mother Earth, collect a little bit of dirt, and use it to seed nine different varieties of grains in a specially constructed chamber.

Dwajarohanam is the act of hoisting the flag that officially kicks off the Brahmotsavam. The event takes place at the Dwajasthambham, which can be found on the temple grounds opposite to the Nadimi Padi Kavili. Temple officials hoist the flag while the priests sing Vedic hymns. Garuda is claimed to have welcomed many gods and sages to Devalokam, including Brahma, Indra, Yama, Agni, Kubera, Vayudeva, and the sages Vasistha and Vishwamitra.

Throughout the alleys of Tirumala, the Lord is carried on various vahanas.  The Lord is taken on a procession across town before being brought back to the main temple to preside over the celebrations there. During this time, the temple priests would give naivedyam to the devotees. The Snapanam rite concludes with a cleansing bath of herbal water for the Lord. After the stress of the procession, the Lord would be able to unwind here, so the thinking goes.

2023 Srivari Brahmotsavam Tirumala Darshanam Tickets Online Booking

Choornabhishekam is a ritual in which devotees wash the deity and his or her consorts after anointing them with sandalwood powder. This takes place at sunrise on the ninth day of the Brahmotsavam festival.  The Lord is then paraded through the streets of Tirumala. The sandalwood powder that was intended for the Lord is now being distributed by priests at the temple. It’s often believed that dusting oneself with a little sandalwood powder will assist one go through obstacles. The Chakrasnanam ritual is a kind of purification similar to the bathing ritual performed after a yagna.

On the morning of the last day of Brahmotsavam, the Lord, his consorts, and Sri Sudarshanachakram all bathe in the Swami Pushkarini. Besides Sri Sudarshanachakram, another holy river where devotees may bathe is the Swami Pushkarini. Because of its high regard, this ritual attracts a large number of devotees from various walks of life and religions.

On the last day of Brahmotsavam, devotees undertake the ritual of Devatodwasanam to send the rishis and Gods back to Devalokam. It is generally performed after the daily archana. Priests and monks at the temple give thanks to Lord Brahma, who is credited with planning the utsavam. The flag that was hoisted on the first day of Brahmotsavam is lowered in a ceremony called Dwajavarohanam on the last evening of the festival.

Here are the procedures you need to do to get your tickets to the Srivari Brahmotsavam Tirumala 2023:

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