2023 Tamil Adi Masam Starting Ending Date Pooja Tithi

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A significant month in the Tamil calendar, Tamil Adi Masam is also referred to by its other name, Aadi Masam. It is the fourth month of the Tamil calendar, which is often regarded as a highly fortunate time for people who celebrate the Tamil culture. According to the Gregorian calendar, the month of Adi occurs during the Tamil month that spans the months of July and August. The Tamil people have entered a period of dedication and celebration during this time, and they do so by participating in a variety of rites and events.

The importance of Adi Masam can be traced back to the fact that it is connected to the property of water. The monsoon rains begin to fall in Tamil Nadu during this month, providing the region with some much-anticipated relief from the searing heat of summer. In Hindu mythology, water is seen as a spiritual cleanser despite the fact that it is an indispensable component of existence. Because of this, Adi Masam is seen as a period that is conducive to purification and revitalization on a bodily as well as a spiritual level.

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2023 Tamil Adi Masam Starting Ending Date Pooja Tithi and Significance:

The Aadi Perukku festival is widely regarded as one of the most significant events that take place during Adi Masam. This celebration is devoted to the River Cauvery, which is often regarded as the state of Tamil Nadu’s most important natural resource. The festival takes place on the 18th day of the month of Adi, and the people of Tamil Nadu commemorate it with a great deal of fervour. The event is marked by the recitation of religious texts and the cooking of traditional meals such as vadai, payasam, and thayir sadam.

The Aadi Amavasya is yet another significant celebration that is observed all throughout the month of Adi Masam. It is a day of the new moon that occurs during the month of Adi, and because of this, it is regarded as a very fortunate day for the worship of one’s ancestors. It is said that on this day, the souls of the ancestors who have passed away go to earth in order to benefit the people who are descended from them. They pay their ancestors respect by presenting them with food and other gifts, and they ask for their blessings on their future success and happiness.

2023 Tamil Adi Masam Starting Ending Date Pooja Tithi And Festival Celebrations:

In addition to these celebrations, the Adi Masam period is also a time for the performance of a variety of religious rites and ceremonies. This month, in an effort to cleanse their bodies, a great number of people choose to abstain from food and engage in other forms of penance. It is believed that beginning new endeavors, such as a business or a marriage, during the month of Adi is thought to be a fortunate time to do it. It is a common belief that any new venture that begins during this month will be blessed with success and fortune in the future.

Moreover, the worship of the goddess, specifically the goddesses Amman and Mariamman, is connected to the practice of Adi Masam. Worshiping these goddesses at Adi Masam is done so in the hopes of receiving their blessings and receiving protection from them. These goddesses are believed to be the guardians of the people.

During this month, many people make the journey to temples all around the world that are dedicated to these deities. To summarise, the month of Tamil Adi Masam is one that holds a significant amount of importance for the people of Tamil Nadu. This is a time for devotion, celebration, and getting rid of impurities.

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