2023 Tirumala TTD Ugadi Panchangam Telugu PDF Buy Online

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Every year, the Tirumala temple authorities publish the TTD Panchangam. Telugu is the language used in the print version of TTD Panchangam. The TTD Panchangam is now only available in Telugu. The TTD Panchangam is available to pilgrims in the book and hard copy formats. The TTD Panchangam is available from the beginning of the year till the day following Ugadi. The Tirumala TTD Panchangam is available for purchase offline or online by pilgrims.

There are two ways to enter the TTD Panchangam. The Panchangam is available in hard copy at TTD Publication outlets across the nation for pilgrims to purchase. On the TTD official website, pilgrims can also order a copy of the panchangam. Once ordered, the Panchangam will be given to the pilgrims.

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2023 Tirumala TTD Ugadi Panchangam Telugu PDF Buy Online

  • The Panchangam is also available for download from the TTD Official E-books Website for pilgrims. However, this Panchangam would not be immediately accessible online. Every year, it becomes available after a few days of the Ugadi. The day that the Panchangam would be accessible online cannot be foreseen. But typically, the Panchangam will be released to the TTD Website within a month of the Ugadi 2023 being completed.
  • Copies of the Panchangam will be offered for sale on the TTD website once it is available. Please be aware that the TTD has the authority to revoke the panchangam’s sale at any moment. So, the Panchangam is currently available on TTD’s Official Website Only. However, TTD will not be held liable for Panchangam’s unavailability.
  • Access the TTD website. Following that, you can get the Panchangam for 2023.
  • On the homepage of the website, scroll down to the Latest Updates area. The latest Updates contain information about TTD Panchangam 2023. Click the view button to see the panchangam for the current year in the correct format.
  • However, the Panchangam will be accessible at all of the national publishing centers. The primary publication office in Tirupati, as well as the Tirumala shrine, both offer hard copies of the panchangam to pilgrims. Due to its precision, the TTD Panchangam is mostly used in the Telugu-speaking states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Please take note that only merchants who have been approved by the TTD may be used to acquire or obtain Panchangam.


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