Guruvayoor Devaswom Neyvilakku Seva Offering Online Booking

See below for the Guruvayoor Devaswom Neyvilakku Seva Offering Online Booking, Guruvayoor Temple Neyvilakku Offering Online Booking Today Here.

From April 2018, devotees who pay Rs 1000 for the “Neyvilakku” (ghee-lit lamp) rite at the Guruvayur Temple will be able to have a unique darshan. The receipt for the amount paid at the offering counter should be shown to the temple manager. Some devotees charge a fee to light a ghee lamp. This also allows people to escape large lines and see God more swiftly.

Devotees who pay Rs 1,000 for the neyvilakku offering at Guruvayur Lord Sree Krishna Temple will be offered direct access to the temple’s sanctum sanctorum, bypassing the main line.

Guruvayoor Neyvilakku Seva Price:

  • Those that accept the receipt can bypass the line and proceed directly to the main shrine via the flagpole. They will also be provided prasadam (a holy offering from the temple).
  • The Rs 1000 ritual ticket is only valid for one person. The new system supplements the traditional practice of allowing 5 persons to receive VIP darshan for Rs 4500 worth of “Neyvilakku.”
  • If there is a high demand for “Neyvilakku,” a separate counter may be set up. Devaswom is instituting a new procedure to prevent individuals from paying money to middlemen who offer them a chance to have darshan.
  • The rite of “Prasada Oottu,” which means “meal offering,” will also be added to the temple. On the anniversary of a relative’s birth or death, devotees can obtain a receipt for the “Prasada Oottu.” Rs 1.3 lakh should be paid for three free meals every day. The chairman of Devaswom has stated that an online version of the “Neyvilakku” ceremony will be created.
  • However, worshippers in the usual queue system will have no issue receiving darshan. The hour for darshan at noon has been extended to 2.30 pm until May because of crowds during vacations and the month of Vaisakha. Currently, the darshan time ends at 1.30 p.m. Many worshippers return despite the fact that they have been waiting in line for hours.

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Guruvayoor Devaswom Neyvilakku Seva Offering Online Booking

Online reservations are not available for Neyvilakku at Guruvayoor Temple. This seva requires devotees to physically visit the shrine. In Guruvayur, tickets cannot be purchased in advance. Devotees can call the temple hotline for more information. 0487 255 6335

How to Dress for a visit to the temple:

  • Visitors visiting the Guruvayur Temple must adhere to a rigorous dress code.
  • Men should wear the mundu wrapped around their waists and avoid wearing anything that hides their chests. A little piece of cloth, however, can be utilized to cover the chest area (veshthi). Boys are permitted to wear shorts but not shirts.
  • Girls and women are not permitted to wear dresses or short skirts that resemble pants. Women can wear a sari, and girls should wear long skirts and blouses. Women can now wear shalwar kameez (churidar pajamas) and the dress code has been relaxed.


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