2023 Varalakshmi Vratham Date Pooja Tithi Puja Muhurtam

See below for the 2023 Varalakshmi Vratham Date Pooja Tithi Puja Muhurtam, Varalakshmi Pooja, Vratam Date, Puja Significance, Pooja Rituals, Naivedhyam, Prasadam Details Here. 

Varalakshmi Vratham is a very traditional and important Indian Hindu festival. This occurs every year in the month of Sravana Masam Friday before Pournima (Full Moon Day). This a festival which is for worshipping the Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi. All Married Women in South India will do this festival with bhakti. This is the honor of Goddess Varalakshmi, mainly named as the goddess of wealth and success. People believe, doing this pooja is the most important for Soubhagya (Husbands longevity). Let’s see below for the 2023 Varalakshmi Vratham Date Pooja Tithi Puja Muhurtam.

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2023 Varalakshmi Vratham Date Pooja Tithi Puja Muhurtam:

Sri Varalakshmi Vratham also known as Sri Vara Mahalakshmi Vratham or Pooja is a grand festival and celebration. This is the festival of beauty and happiness. This will comes on Sravana Masam or Aadi Masam in Tamil. Devotees will do the vratham and the fasting one on this day. Doing this vratham will bring benefits, wealth, and the fulfillment of dreams.

This year Sri Vara Mahalakshmi Vratham falls on Friday, 25 August 2023.

As per the Sanatana Dharma, This vratham is thought to have been started by Goddess Parvati herself. In a dream, she told her follower Charumathi what the fast was for. The goddess told the worshipper that keeping the Varalakshmi Vratham with reverence would bring health, wealth, happiness, and long life.

“Varalakshmi” comes from two Sanskrit words: “Vara,” which means “blessing” or “grace,” and “Lakshmi,” which means the goddess of wealth and success. So, the event is a way to ask Goddess Lakshmi for her gifts and favor and to get them. Devotees think that if they carefully follow the vratham and do the pooja practices, they can make the goddess happy and get her divine benefits. See below for the 2023 Varalakshmi Vratham Date Pooja Tithi Puja Muhurtam and details.

2023 Varalakshmi Vratham Date Pooja Tithi Puja Muhurtam and Procedure:

  • Devotees get up early on Varalakshmi Vratham and take a Holy traditional bath.
  • Clean their homes and Pooja Room and decorate with different rangoli.
  • Decorate the house doors and main door with Flowers, mango leaves, and traditional lights
  • Doing Kalasha Sthapana is an important part of the pooja.
  • Use a brass, Copper, or Silver pot filled with water and mix with essence powder including Elachi, and Lavanga.
  • Flower petals, sandalwood paste, and turmeric are used to beautify the kalasha.
  • Lord Ganesha is shown by putting a coconut on top of the kalasha.
  • After this, the “Varalakshmi Ashtottara Shatanamavali,” which has 108 names for the goddess, is read out loud.
  • Deities are given gifts like fruits, betel leaves, betel nuts, and flowers.
  • Tieing the Sacred Thread is the main part of pooja and vratham.
  • Devotees’ believer ties a sacred thread or yellow thread around their right wrist.
  • This thread represents the connection with the goddess and is thought to bring good luck and safety.
  • Naivedyam is a gift to the goddess. Devotees make a range of traditional foods such as naivedyam.
  • This could include sweet rice, coconut rice, payasam (a sweet pudding), and other treats. People think that these gifts will please the goddess and make her happy.

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