2023 Vontimitta Temple Ramanavami Brahmotsavam Vahanam List

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During the review meeting that was held in Vontimitta in the YSR Kadapa district with the district Collector Vijaya Ramaraju, SP Anburajan, and other officials, the EO stated that all of the departments should complete the Kalyana Vedika works by March 31. These works include CC cameras, a Control Room, Barricades, Galleries, electrical and other works.

He continued, “Another high-level review meeting will take place before the end of this month.” On the day of the state festival of Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam, which will take place on April 5, he stated that the Pattu Vastrams would be presented on behalf of the State government by Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

According to the Collector, all of the preparations for Annaprasadam, as well as safety, electricity, traffic management, parking, first aid centers, Help Desks, VIP passes, sanitation, and the public address system, must be finished on time. According to the Superintendent of Police for District Anburajan, approximately 3,500 police officers were deployed in 2022, whereas this year 4,000 security personnel would be deployed.

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2023 Vontimitta Temple Ramanavami Brahmotsavam Vahanam List

March 30 Ankurarpanam
March 31
Dwajarohanam, Sesha Vahanam
April 01
Venugana alankaram, Hamsa Vahanam
April 02
Vatapatra sai alankaram, Simha Vahanam
April 03
Navaneetha Krishna alankaram, Hanumantha Vahanam
April 04
Mohini Alankaram , Garuda Seva
April 05
Shivadhanurbhanga Alnkaram, Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam
April 06 Rathotsavam
April 07
Kaliya Mardana Alankaram, Aswa Vahanam
April 08
Chakra Snanam, Dwajarohanam
April 09 Pushpa Yagam

2023 Vontimitta Temple Ramanavami Brahmotsavam Vahanam List:

The schedule for the Vontimitta Sri Rama Navami Brahmotsavams 2023 is outlined in the following sections. Vontimitta Sri Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) is in charge of the construction of the Kodandarama Swamy temple, which they are now directing. The yearly celebration is known as the brahmotsavam, which takes place around the time of the Sri Rama Navami festival. A little community known as Vontimitta can be found here.

which can be found in the district of YSR Kadapa in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Every year, this brahmotsavam is celebrated in a spectacular manner. A year and a large number of individuals travel to this location to take part in this activity. Often falling anywhere between the months of March and May

April of each and every year In addition, the date range for this event in 2019 is April 10th through April 18th. One of these occurrences was there is a lot of weight placed on the Hanumantha vahanam, the Garuda vahanam, and the Rathosavam. There will be thousands upon thousands of attendees. And attend for this, coming from regions that are extremely close to and surrounding the village of Vontimitta. The beginning of this brahmotsavam is after Ankurarphanam and Dhwajarohanam, the Chakra snanam, also known as Avabrutham, comes at the end.

Every day of this brahmotsavam is commemorated by a different important event. This Vontimitta Village was an important location in the past. As per According to local lore, Lord Rama and Seetha Devi spent several days in this location. The event or procession that takes place during the day begins between the hours of eight and ten in the morning, while the event or parade that takes place in the evening begins between eight and ten in the evening to 10 PM. In addition, the Transport Department of Andhra Pradesh (TTD) and the state government both offer very good transit facilities to this.

Where may one find directions to the Vontimitta Temple?

  • From Tirupati, Temple is 117 km away.
  • There is a bus that travels directly between Tirupati and Kadapa.
  • There is a train that travels directly from Tirupati to Kadapa.
  • The distance from the Kadapa Train station to the Kodanda Rama Swami Temple is 25.3 km.

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