Chiluka Dwadasi Tulasi Kalyanam Vivah Pooja Vidhanam Telugu

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Getting Tulsi Vivah will be helpful if your marriage has a problem, the relationship isn’t getting better, or the marriage keeps falling apart. According to popular belief, couples who do not experience the bliss of their girl also benefit from having a Tulsi wedding once. Additionally, Tulsi marriages are very significant for obtaining Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings.

The Tulsi Vivah is conducted at night. Shaligrama or Lord Krishna Idol must Place next to the pot to begin the rites. All of the marriage’s norms must be observed throughout this time. Get married based on these principles as well.

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Chiluka Dwadasi Tulasi Kalyanam Vivah Pooja Vidhanam Telugu

  1. Take a shower and put on clean clothing if you wish to participate in a Tulsi marriage.
  2. Today is a good day to observe a fast if you wish to contribute to Tulsi Kanyadaan.
  3. Place the Tulsi plant on a post on the patio or terrace during the fortunate season.
  4. Take a different post and install Shaligram there.
  5. On the outpost, construct an Ashtadal lotus and place an urn.
  6. On the vase, draw a swastika, and then add five mango leaves.
  7. Over the Kalash, place a coconut wrapped in a fresh cloth.
  8. Put some ochre on the tulsi plant and light a ghee lamp in front of it.
  9. Make a Rangoli next to the basil planter.
  10. Apply Gangajal on Tulsi-Shaligram Ji. Keep in mind to place a Tulsi plant near the Shaligram post on the right.
  11. Apply sandalwood vaccination to Shaligram and roli to Tulsi.
  12. On the soil of a Tulsi pot, construct a sugarcane pavilion and offer crimson chunri, a representation of honey.
  13. Then put on a sari, a bracelet, and bridal makeup before wrapping the tulsi pot.
  14. When visiting Shaligram Ji, dress in yellow and apply turmeric to the Tulsi-Shaligram.
  15. First, after worshipping Kalash-Ganesh Ji, offer Tulsi-Shaligram incense, a light, flowers, clothing, and garlands.
  16. Recite the Tulsi Mangashtak and circle the temple seven times while Shaligramji is holding a seat.
  17. Remove and offer the Lord Vishnu and Tulsi aarti.

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