Telangana Bathukamma festival 2022 Date and Pooja Timings

See below for Telangana Bathukamma festival 2022 Date and Pooja Timings, Official Festival of Telangana State, Bathukamma Pooja Nomu Vidhanam 2022 here

Behind the Story of Bathukamma Festival

The name Bathukamma translates to “Mother Goddess Reborn.” In the Telangana region, it is the “festival of life.” It is a time to give thanks to and praise Goddess Parvati for the large quantities of harvest and the prosperity that resulted from it the following year. In addition to praying for her blessings, many also urge her to come back the next year so that they can reap a bumper crop.

The event is said to have started under the administration of King Dharmangada of the Chola Dynasty. After many years of devotion, his wife gave birth to Goddess Lakshmi, and they named her Bathukamma, which means Life and Mother. The infant had faced painful countless and unfortunate accidents yet continued to live and grow into a healthy young girl. Women celebrate the festival because of this.

The nine-day battle between Goddess Gauri and the demon king “Mahishasura,” which served as the inspiration for the Navarathri festival, is another focus of the celebration.┬áIn this celebration, a flower stack is set up to symbolize a gopuram of a temple. Seven round circles that make up the flower stack are formed of both seasonal and medicinal flowers. This is done in order to pray to the Goddess, who is said to enjoy flowers. During this occasion, women are celebrated. Women dress in their best for the celebration, accessorizing with jewelry.

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Telangana Bathukamma festival 2022 Date and Pooja Timings

A different “naivedyam,” or offering to the Goddess, is made on each day of the festival. These are listed below:

  1. The first day (Engili Pula Bathukamma): coarsely ground wet rice or sesame seeds combined with rice flour.
  2. Boiled lentils, flattened and parboiled rice, and jaggery for the second day (Atkula Bathukamma).
  3. Third day (Mundapappu Bathukamma): milk, milk sugar, and boiled lentils.
  4. The fourth day (Nanabiyaam Bathukamma) consists of milk, wet rice, and jaggery.
  5. Atla Bathukamma on the fifth day: Dosa or wheat pancakes
  6. Aligina Bathukamma’s sixth day: No food offering.
  7. The seventh day (Vepakayala Bathukamma) has deep-fried rice-flour cakes shaped like neem tree fruits.
  8. Sesame seeds, jaggery, and butter/ghee on the eighth day (Vennamuddala Bathukamma).
  9. Five varieties of cooked rice, including curd rice, tamarind rice, sesame rice, coconut rice, and lemon rice, are served on the ninth day (Saddula Bathukamma).

On the ninth and last day, the flower displays known as Bathukamma are submerged in the neighboring river. Married women use the turmeric balls to apply a paste to their “mangalsutra” prior to immersion. This is a request to the Goddess to safeguard her marriage and her spouse.

In this year, Bathukamma Festival Starts from 25th September 2022 and Ends on 04th October 2022

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