Deepavali Balipadyami Pooja Vidhana Kannada Karnataka State Culture

See below for Bali Padyami 2022 Dates, Deepavali Balipadyami Pooja Vidhana Kannada Karnataka State Culture, Balipadyami Pooja Vidhana Story Karnataka Kannada Culture here.

Bali Padyami has an effect on Karthika Shudda Padya. Bali Chakravarthi’s birthday is today. Up to this day, Bali Chakravarthi takes on the responsibilities of the universal Chakravarthi. It was the day Vamana Roopi Srihari pushed Bali Chakravarthi to Sutala Loka. Following the Bali nigraha, Vamanaroopi Paramatma granted Bali this favor. Furthermore, Vamana assured Bali Chakravarthi that the day would be set aside for Kartika Shudda Padyami. Vamana will be delighted by any danas offered on this day, including Godaana, Vastradaana, Bhoodaana, and others.

Deepavali Lakshmi Pooja Vidhana Kannada PDF

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Bali Padyami 2022 Dates and Time:

  • Every Year Bali Padyami falls on the next day of Deepavali Amavasya. Bali Padyami pooja is a very Important and Most Sacred festival in part of the Diwali Festival.
  • This Year also, Bali Padyami falls on 26th October 2022. Abyanjana Snana Muhurtham Will be at 05:45 AM

Deepavali Balipadyami Pooja Vidhana Kannada Karnataka State Culture

  1. Balichakravarthi must be depicted in rangoli or gomaya.
  2. Next, Bali must be invited. We must send curds to Bali.
  3. Women would bring Lakshmi within by bringing milk inside from the outside.
  4. We must construct the fort with four gates, the pillaari gopura in the center, and the puja from the Gomaya itself.

Balipadyami Bali Prathipad Story

After chasing Devendra away, Bali Chakravarthi seized the sovereignty of the entire cosmos, all of the kingdoms, and Devaloka. He wanted to be Indra. A minimum of 100 Ashwamedha Yajnas must be performed in order to succeed to Indra’s throne. After completing 99 Ashwamedha Yaagaas, he was executing the 100th one.

Shukracharyaru, the daithya instructor, was acting as his purohita while he performed the Yajna. Indra (a Purandara by the name of Indra) went to Srihari and requested his help. Aditi, the mother of Devates, also asked her husband Kashyapa Rushigalu to protect the gods from Balichakravarthi at the same time. Aditi-Kashyapas asked Srihari for help. Srihari made the decision to be born as their son “Vamana” in order to fulfill the nigraha of the daithya.

Bali was almost finished with his yajna. Vamana showed up at the Yajna site. Vamana was a young, attractive brahmachari, and when Bali first saw him, he rose up and did Vamana’s Pada prakshalana before asking him what he desired—a lovely girl, a kingdom, jewelry, etc. Vamana said that he simply need three steps of level ground.

The daithya master Shukracharya warned Bali Chakravarthi not to accede to Vamana’s demand. However, Bali continued to ascend Vamana’s three stairs by daana. Shukracharya cursed Bali in a moment of wrath, saying that he would lose control of his entire kingdom.

Bali Chakravarthi completed the Sankalpa and then started teaching Vamana the three steps. Vamana expanded himself from his first step to being that of Trivikrama to stretch across the entire cosmos. From the second step, he also occupied the Atala, Vitala, Sutala, and Patala lokas. There was no place for the third stage. It is said that Garuda bound Trivikrama Vamana with the Varuna cords because Vamana was unable to place his foot anywhere on the ground and Bali offered his head as a remedy and asked that Trivikrama Vamana maintain his leg on his head.

Vamana was still holding his Vishnu Pada, which contained the Ganga sannidhana when Brahma gave the order to release Bali. Vamana then pushed Bali to Paataala Loka and is still keeping watch over him today in his Upendra Roopa. Bali Chakravarthi will be Manvantara’s next Indra. He was also blessed with the ability to rule the universe for one day each year on Balipadyami, also known as the Kaarthika Shudda Padya.


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