Nagula Chavithi Pooja Vidhi Telugu and Prasadam Making Online

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An excellent time to perform Naga Puja is on the day of Nagula Chavithi. On the fourth day (Chaturthi) following Deepavali Amavasya, during the Karthika Masam, Nagula Chavithi is observed. Nagasashti and Nag Panchami are observed after Nag Chaturthi. During the Sravana Masam month, it is also observed in several areas of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

The main focus of the celebration for women, Nagula Chavithi, is the worship of the Nag Devatas. Married women who want to ensure the well-being of their children practice Nagula chavithi. During the Chavithi festival, women observe fasts and perform Naga Puja. People offer Sarpa Devata milk and dried fruits at the Valmeekam or Putta (snake pits). People worship Ashtanaga, a snake with seven heads, on Nag Chaturthi.

Date of Nagula Chavithi Pooja 2022:

  • The Telugu-speaking Hindu holiday known as Nagula Chavithi honors the snake-like Nagas. The Nagula Chavithi falls on October 28 in 2022. On the fourth day (Chaturthi) after Diwali, in the Kartik month, Nagula Chavithi is observed (October – November).
  • Nagula Chavithi is frequently the opening day of a three-day event. Naga Panchami and Naga Sashti are the ensuing two days. It will be Nagula Chavithi on 28th October 2022, Naga Panchami on 29th October 2022, and Naga Sashti on 30th October 2022.
  • In some regions of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, Nagula Chavithi during Kartika Masam is a significant celebration. Rituals and how puja is performed differ from location to location. Some people perform puja and have a Naga devatha idol in their homes. However, in other locations, devotees perform additional pujas and offer naivedyam at “Putta” (Snake pit).
  • There is a legend about Nagula Chavithi in Telugu Hindu tradition that claims that on the day of the renowned Samudra Manthan event, Lord Shiva took the poison Halahala or Kalkuta to preserve the universe. Pujas and prayers are held in Naga temples all across the state.

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Nagula Chavithi Pooja Vidhi Telugu and Prasadam Making Online

  1. You should rise early on Nagula Chawiti, bow your head, and pray to God at your house.
  2. After lighting the lamp, proceed to the neighboring Putta to perform a pooja.
  3. With milk, kumkum, turmeric, vibhuti, an offering of sweets prepared from a mixture of jaggery and black sesame seeds and jaggery and white sesame seeds, a mixture of uncooked rice and black sesame seeds, and eggs, people perform puja to puttas or ant hills, which are homes for snakes. These are positioned in ant hill.
  4. Additionally, people send flowers and light diyas to ant hill. This ceremony is performed at a good time of day, usually with one’s back to the east.
  5. After making their offerings, people take a small bit of dirt from the ant mound and rub it behind their ears.
  6. People believe that by celebrating Naagula Chavithi, all of their issues in their homes and families will be resolved.
  7. The majority of the time, people perform these rituals at ant hills in temples or other places where there are ant hills in their region.
  8. After the pooja, one should fast for the remainder of the day while making an offering of cold dals, vadapappu, and bananas.
  9. Enjoy dinner. Do the Chavati fast if you have issues with your eyes or ears.
  10. Saying the names of Nagendra Ashtottaram, Nagendra Stotra, Nagastuti, and Nagendra Sahasra prior to the puja is believed to free the world of all negative influences.
  11. If that’s not possible, “Om Nagendraswamine Namah” should be said 108 times instead.

Making of Prasadam Nagula Chavithi:

  • Vadapappu (soaked yellow moong dal),
  • Chelimii or Sesame laddu,
  • Pachi chalimidi (rice flour and jaggery confection), and
  • Panakam (liquid made with water, jaggery, and, peppercorn powder )


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