Gowri Tadiya Pooja Vratha Vidhanam in Telugu

See below for Gowri Tadiya Pooja Vratha Vidhanam in Telugu, How to do Tadiya Gowri Puja, Importance and Preperations of Tadiya Gowri Puja at Home.

Tadiya gowri Celebrations in Andhra Pradesh:

The majority of Andhra Pradesh’s population takes part in the Gowri Thadiya puja. Kudumulu is a distinctive delicacy consisting of steamed rice flour. On this day, 16 Kudumulu are offered to Gauri, hence the name 16 Kudumula Thaddhe for this Gauri puja.

Gauri Thadiya vratham is performed on the day before Ganesh Chavithi. Gauri Ganapathi Puja is also known as Shodasha Gauri Vratham and Shodasa Gouri Puja.

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Gowri Tadiya Pooja Vratha Vidhanam in Telugu

On the day before tambulam, we should welcome five elders to our home with a gourd, yellow saffron, saffron seeds, and sesame oil. Followers of Noma and Muttaidhus must wear gourds. On the second day, Bhadrapada Tritiya, individuals must rise at 4:00 a.m. and have Gongura greens for breakfast.

Gowri Puja vratham Procedure:

  • Take an Abhyanga bath in the morning, and then refrain from eating till nightfall. Prepare undras from rice flour and serve them to Gauri Devi.
  • Additionally, you need to create five more undras and distribute them to five Muthaidus. Elders claim that reciting this name for five years will result in a nice husband.
  • Before doing the Gauri puja, the Ganesha puja is performed. Turmeric is also used to create Ganesh statues.
  • After the Ganesh Puja, Lord Shiva is also prayed to using simple slokas.
  • Shivlinga is offered Pushpabhisheka and a bath. After the Ganesh Puja and Shiva Puja, the Gauri idol is installed while reciting the Gauri avahan mantra.
  • A Gowri idol is created with an Uttareni (Achyranthes Aspera) leaf, which is then placed on the leaf. The statue of Gauri is washed with water.
  • A Gowri idol is created with an Uttareni (Achyranthes Aspera) leaf, which is then placed on the leaf. The Gauri deity is washed with water (Jalabhishekam), five different types of flowers (Panchamrita abhishekam), and water once more.
  • The Goddess is presented with a Vastra Yugmam, a prayer thread woven of cotton, turmeric, and vermilion. In addition to flowers, turmeric powder and vermilion powder are sprinkled over the Gauri statue.
  • Akshata, which is sacred rice, is cast upon the Gauri statue. Gauri Devi is granted sixteen varieties of flowers, fruits, and leaves, in addition to sixteen kudumulu.
  • After the Gauri Thaddhi puja, women wear a thread with 16 strands and turmeric called Gauri daaram on their right wrists (Gouri Kankanam).
  • Gauri Thadiya kudumula vratham is performed by married women for a good union.


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