Grishneshwar Temple Online Donation Procedure Cost Benefits

Know More Details About The Grishneshwar Temple Online Donation Procedure Cost Benefits, Grishneshwar Shiva Temple Maharashtra Details.

Grishneshwar Temple is located in the Maharashtra city of Aurangabad. It is recognised as one of the revered 12 Jyotirlinga temples that are dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Linga in this temple has been here for almost three thousand years, and it is oriented towards the east. The sanctum sanctorum is where Lord Grishneshwar and Grishneshwari, his spouse, may be found.

Maloji Bhosle is mentioned in the history of the Grishneshwar temple. He was a devout disciple of the temple and served as the leader of the hamlet of Verul at the time. After unearthing a priceless relic in the 16th century that had been stowed away in an anthill, he made the decision to build a temple on the location. Rani Ahilyabai Holker, who reigned as Queen of the Maratha Malwa Kingdom in the 17th century, was the one primarily responsible for the reconstruction of the temple.

Grishneshwar Temple Online Donation Procedure Cost Benefits

At Present the Grishneshwar Temple does not take donations from its pilgrims, anybody who wishes to offer any commodities, whether they be monetary or in the form of rice, sugar, or other goods, may place them on the hundi.

The doors of the Grishneshwar temple are opened for the first time at 05:30 in the morning and do not close again until 9:30 in the evening. Throughout the whole month of Shravan, visitors are welcome to visit the temple between the hours of three in the morning and eleven in the evening. It is possible that the completion of Darshan will take anywhere from one to two hours, depending on the number of individuals that are there.

At this time, the temple is also tasked with the responsibility of carrying out a variety of additional rituals and ceremonies. Participants in the different rituals, such as the aarti that is performed in the afternoon and evening, are invited and encouraged to take part in the ceremonies.

Grishneshwar Temple Online Donation Procedure Cost Benefits

Flowers and Rudraksha, which are regarded to be holy beads, are strung around the Jyotirlinga that is dedicated to Grishneshwar.
Pilgrims think that if they pay a visit to the Grishneshwar temple, they will be able to worship all 12 of the Jyotirlingas without having to go to each one separately. This saves them time and money, which they may use towards other aspects of their journey.

The significance of the temple lies in this aspect. It is claimed that the Grishneshwar temple is a fine example of the architectural style that was prominent during the pre-historic period and that it features exquisite sculptures. In addition, it is believed that the type of architecture that was prevalent throughout the pre-historic era. The devotees are able to get a glimpse of the wedding scene featured in the temple’s paintings and sculptures. It features the Lord and his bride exchanging vows in front of their guests. In addition, the Grishneshwar temple is the location of a well that is said to have holy water and to run continuously.

Grishneshwar Shiva Temple Maharashtra History

Legend has it that there was once a lady whose name was Kusuma. She was said to have worshipped Lord Shiva on a daily basis, and as part of her ritual, she would immerse the Shiva Linga in a tank along with her prayers. The first wife of her husband’s family was envious of her devotion and ended up killing the woman’s kid.

Even though Kusuma was going through a difficult time, she never wavered in her commitment to the Lord or her confidence in him. There is a legend that recounts how delighted Lord Shiva was with her devotion that he revived her dead son. The fact that Kusuma beseeched the Lord to remain was the impetus for Lord Shiva to take the form of a jyotirlinga at this location.

According to one more version of this myth, the Devagiri Mountains were home to a Brahmin by the name of Brahmavetta Sudharm and his wife, Sudha. Due to the fact that the couple did not have any children, Sudeha arranged for her sister Ghushma to wed her husband.

Ghushma would create lingas, worship them, and then throw them into the neighboring lake after her sister had recommended that she do so. In the end, a healthy baby boy was bestowed on her. After some time, Sudeha developed jealousy of her sister, and when it was time for her sister to immerse the lingas in the lake, Sudeha killed her kid and tossed him into the same lake.

Where May One Get Directions To The Grishneshwar Temple?

  • By Air: The nearest airport is in Aurangabad, and there are many flights every day to Aurangabad from Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Udaipur.
  • By Train: The railway station nearest to our location may be found in Aurangabad. Moreover, Manmad is situated in a more accessible and central position than its competitors.
  • By Road: The distance from Pune is 256 km and would take 4.5 hours to go. From Nasik: 187 km/3 hours. 122 km, or 2.5 hours, away from Shirdi.

Interesting Facts About Grishneshwar Shiva Temple Maharashtra

  • There are several other names for Grishneshwar, including Ghushmeshwar and Kusumeshwar.
  • The men are required to enter the temple without covering their chests.
  • The Jyotirlinga Temple that you see before you is the smallest one in all of India.
  • The Ellora caves, which are a UNESCO World Heritage site, are located less than 01 km away.
  • While you may pay a visit to this sacred location at any time of the year, the months of fall and winter, namely between the months of October and March, are the ideal time to do so.
  • A devotee would be bestowed with the highest honor if they were granted the opportunity to celebrate Mahashivratri.

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